12 February, 2015

The Best Highlighters || Mac Soft and Gentle + More

As many women are, I'm a little highlight-obsessed.  No matter what look I'm wearing, I always enjoy a little bit of glow on the cheekbones.  I used to exclusively use liquid illuminators, but I've found myself using a powder highlight almost every day.

My all-time favorite illuminators are

I've used Soft and Gentle for years, but I've been loving Cover FX Illuminator in Sunlight.  It looks slightly darker in the pan than when you apply it to the skin, and on the skin it gives the most perfect, luminous dewy finish.  A little bit goes a long way.  Even when I'm wearing no makeup, I'll sometimes put on a little bit of highlighter, and voila, you look like you've had a hydrating facial (not really, but close enough).

I constantly alternate which highlight I use, and I like to show love to all of them.  I'll be doing an in-depth highlight post comparing some of my favorites soon!
CoverFX Sunlight
Wearing Cover FX Illuminator in Sunlight

If you have more fair skin, try Moonlight from Cover FX.  I have this one as well, and it's GORGEOUS.  Gives more of a platinum-toned glow, where sunlight is more golden.

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