12 May, 2015

8 Tips To Be Your Happiest Self

Managing your time can be difficult as a young adult fresh in the working world.  You find less time for your friends, yourself, and your laundry starts piling out of the hamper.  I've come to find that I am my happiest and most content when focusing on 3 things: my social (and love) life, my career, and my fitness.  Here are my Top 8 (Myspace flashback anyone?) tips to be your happiest self while tackling your daily life:
  1. Stay busy!
    When I graduated from college, I found myself with a lot of free time...too much free time.  At first, I was excited at the endless days of sleeping in, watching movies and YouTube videos until 2AM, and basking in the sun after a long workout.  These things are great, but there comes a point where you need to have some purpose.  I'm a very driven person, and I found myself becoming less and less motivated the more these days went on.  If you're a student, just graduated, or an adult still trying to figure things out (who isn't), STAY BUSY!  As most students are, I was looking for a job post-grad, but I wasn't putting all of my effort into the job search.  Put your energy into finding a job, amp up your resume, find others with common interests, and get out there and network.  The time to relax and sleep in is meant to be enjoyed - don't make it a lazy lifestyle.
  2. Know who your good friends are, and keep them close.
    Keep in touch with your best friends.  The older we get, the more spread out we become.  Jobs, different schedules, and life takeover, and that's ok.  Always make sure to make time for your friends, whether it's a weekend lunch, night out, or even just a phone call.  You'll feel better knowing that you are both there for each other and making the effort to keep in touch!
  3. Say "yes!" 
    No, I'm not hopping on the Bud Light bandwagon here.  But if an opportunity presents itself and you're interested, say yes!  If you're nervous and anxious, definitely say yes.  Be uncomfortable.  Let yourself come out of your comfort zone and branch out.  Try new things, meet new people, and say yes!  Of course, if you know an opportunity or offer is potentially dangerous or detrimental to your happiness, say no.  But don't miss out on great opportunites because you're afraid, uncomfortable, or too comfortable in your daily routine.  If you get the opportunity to travel, GO.  Make the most out of your trips and opportunities.

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  4. Exercise
    At least 30 minutes 3 times a week -- bare minimum.  If you're already into fitness and health, get off your butt at least 5 days a week.  Break a sweat.  Join a gym, a team, take on a yoga class, or go on a walk/run outdoors.  I find that when I take too many days away from exercise, I get very irritable and well, b*tchy.  No one likes an irritable b*tch.  When I start to feel out of whack, I think about what I have (or haven't) been doing, and it's usally a quick fix of a workout.  You'll feel so much better both inside and out, and you'll sleep better at night too.
  5. Take time for yourself
    No matter how busy you become, always remember to take time for yourself.  Go to lunch by yourself, go on a walk by yourself, or just take a long shower to be alone with your thoughts.  We become so consumed in work sometimes, and coming home after a long day often entails a list of errands and to-do lists.  Remember to take a breather and make time for yourself and your sanity!

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  6. Work hard
    Success doesn't fall in your lap.  Growth, promotions, raises, etc. are only achieved through some hard work.  Especially as a young adult, get out there and show what you are worth!  Motivate yourself at work and at home, and try to be your best self.  Know that putting in hard work now will pay off in the future.  You'll feel more successful just by giving something your best.
  7. Break out of your routine
    I'm a creature of habit.  I wake up early to have my coffee, eat breakfast, and do the crossword puzzle in the Houston Chronicle (yes, I'm a granny).  I usually leave work aruond the same time, go to the same gym, and have a very monotonous routine most of the time.  Day in and day out, this is great.  I love routines.  But after a while, I'll become antsy and irritable.  Breaking out of your routine and switching things up gives you something to look forward to and keeps you on your toes.  Plan a fun night out with your girlfriends, go on a short roadtrip, or buy tickets to that concert you really want to go to.
  8. Unplug
    This is by far one of my favorite and most important tips.  Get off of your phone and your computer.  Don't tuck it under your legs while you're eating dinner - Put it in the other room or turn it off.  Some of us spend ALL day on our computer, our phones, and constantly submerged in technology and communication.  We're getting live updates of what others are doing, and we can spend the entire day staring at a screen.  Give yourself at least an hour a day to completely unplug.  My rule is that when I'm eating dinner with my family, we all leave our phones on the counter, the other room, or turn them off.  Enjoy your face-to-face time with others, or just enjoy some silent time by yourself!

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