29 May, 2015

Red Apple Lipstick

Every time I say the name of this lipstick, I can't help but sing the Rascal Flatts song..."Well I miss Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke...".  I'm not the biggest country fan, but that's what my brain thinks when I grab this lipstick.  But I am a Texan, so I'm glad I have at least something to show for it.  Plus, Red Apple Lipstick is a Texas-based company, so I think it's perfectly appropriate!

Red Apple Lipstick, Mayberry, Lipstick

I first saw this lipstick on Alexis on YouTube and had to have it -- It looked like the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade, and I can never get enough of those.  I noticed she had on the most gorgeous lip color in a ton of videos, and she filled me in on Red Apple.

Red Apple Lipstick, Lipstick

Red Apple Beauty, Lipstick, Kylie Jenner Lip

I spoke to the team at Red Apple (who are fellow Houstonians) and was able to get my hands on Mayberry very quickly!  The company gluten-free, and the products are extremely moisturizing with the perfect sheen.  The packaging is a beautiful, simple and classic black tube, and the formulation is just gorgeous.  I'm usually not a big lipstick wearer -- Most dry my lips out, and I find that lots can make me look a little overdone.

Mayberry can be a sheer, natural berry color if applied lightly, and when applied heavier, it is a beautiful, rich berry-toned neutral.  Even the boyfriend approves this color, and he hates lipstick!

Red Apple Lipstick Mayberry
Sheer wash of Mayberry
Red Apple Lipstick Mayberry

Red Apple Lipstick Mayberry, MAC, Velvet Teddy, Vintage Pink, Rimmel
Mayberry swatched next to MAC Velvet Teddy and Rimmel Vintage Pink
You can see how much mauve Mayberry has -- Velvet Teddy is much more nude/neutral, and Rimmel Vintage Pink is more purple/pink.

Mayberry's perfect for any look -- I've been using it lightly for an everyday, light summery look, but I have no doubt that come Fall (am I the only person that's already excited for boot season?), I'll be wearing it as my go-to deeper neutral lipstick.

Red Apple will also send you a coupon if you sign up for emails so you can save a couple bucks, which is something I always look for when shopping online.

Shop Red Apple Lipstick here, and check out Mayberry here.

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