14 May, 2015

"Slutty" Brownies

If you don't already know about these, I'm not too sure we can be friends.  Are you living under a rock, or are you just not a ridiculous, uncontrollable chocolate lover like myself?  No worries, you're filled in now, and you'll never look at brownies the same.

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I remember when I first found out about Slutty Brownies on Rosie, The Londoner's, blog.  I was scrolling through slowly, deeply gazing into the gooey brownie and chocolate chip cookie's soul.  I immediately screen-shotted the recipe and went to the store.  From that day on, my friends and I bake these almost every time we get together.  They are a staple, and we can each inhale about three of them...

The best part: They're SO simple.  All you need is chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreos (I recommend double-stuffed), and brownie mix.

Get your brownie mix ready, and pre-heat your oven according to the brownie's directions.  Place your cookie dough at the bottom of your sprayed pan (or you can use parchment paper), pile on your Oreos, and pour your brownie mix on top.

cookie dough, chocolate chip, chocolate, cookies, brownies

oreos, chocolate chip, cookies, brownies

brownies, slutty brownies, the londoner, chocolate, chocolate chips

Bake according to the brownies required time (usually 40-45 minutes), remove the chocolatey goodness from the oven, and let them cool.  I repeat: LET THEM COOL.  Do not be an impatient, hangry beast and cut into these immediately.  You want them to be soft and gooey, but cutting into them first thing will make a mess, and to be honest, they taste better after a couple of hours, or even the following day!  Be patient!

And that's it.  The perfect three-layered, easy dessert that you'll never want to be without.

Have you made these yet?  Are they your favorite?  Let me know!

brownies, slutty brownies, chocolate chip, cookie dough, cookies, baking


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