11 June, 2015

Capone's Oven & Bar

Capone's Pizza in Houston
I've officially found the best pizza in Houston.  Nothing beats a classic, brick oven pizza.  Capone's feels like a speakeasy from the 1920's and plays great music (you won't see flappers, but the music is exactly what you'd hope to hear driving home in traffic).  Decorated with antique mirrors, bookshelves, plush chairs, and overhead lighting, the restaurant has a very old-fashioned, almost sexy feel to it.
Capone's Oven and Bar Pizza 
Capone's Restaurant in Houston 
Capone's Restaurant in Houston
We decided to pop in for lunch after hearing about their amazing lunch specials.  The list of appetizers was mouth-watering: Between the truffle mac n' cheese, garlic bread, and jalapeno bread, we were facing a serious dilemma.  We went with the garlic bread, and I wasn't disappointed.  The marinara sauce was slightly spicy, zesty, and the perfect temperature.
Capone's Garlic Bread in Houston 
Capone's Houston Menu 
Capone's Pizza Menu 
Capone's Menu Houston
I couldn't not get the Pizza Combo, which includes half of any pizza and a half salad.  I opted for a pepperoni, meatball, and jalapeno pizza with a side Greek salad.  I was warned that it would be spicy, but I knew I could handle it.  And trust me, I handled the whole thing in about five minutes.  My boyfriend got a make-your-own pizza with sausage links and mushrooms.
Capone's Houston Pizza 
Capone's Pizza Houston
The pizzas are divine.  I looked at the pizza and initially thought that I wouldn't be full, since I have the appetite of a 25 year-old male athlete, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The pizza looks thin, and it is thin, but it is dense enough to accommodate all of the toppings and fill you up.  The crust is perfect.  It's just thin enough to maintain a nice, brown crunch, but it's thick enough to not fall apart when you go to take a bite.

Let's just take a moment to talk about my favorite part of Capone's (other than the pizza); The bathrooms.  Looking like a lost nomad, I was pointed in the direction of a large bookshelf by the bar.  I pushed the secret passageway door to find the restroom, and I was way too excited about it.  I felt like I was entering Narnia or playing a game of hide-and-seek on my lunch break.  It was awesome.
Capone's Restaurant
Capone's is located in the heart of the Upper Kirby area right between Kirby and Greenbriar.  It's directly across from The Hobbit Cafe, and conveniently within walking distance from my office..I'll be back for sure, and I definitely want to check out the live music at night!
Capone's Restaurant


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