08 June, 2015

Lazy Sunday at the Beach

Galveston Island Beach
Top: Supreme Swimwear, Bottoms: H&M
Sundays are for being lazy in pajamas, no makeup, cuddling, and watching TV with a frizzy, messy bun.  I can usually be found in my bed or in the kitchen at any time on a Sunday, but yesterday we decided to move our lazy Sunday to the beach.
Jamaica Beach in Galveston Island 
Jamaica Beach Galveston Texas 
Dog on the Beach
To make this an overly cute day, we brought the pups along.  Seeing dogs run on the beach, swim in the ocean, and sunbathe in a state of exhaustion is possibly the most adorable thing ever.
Buc-ee's Galveston Texas
We had to make a stop at Buc-ee's on the way (if you've never been to Buc-ee's, you either aren't a true Texan or have never spent enough time here).
Hot guy and puppy on beach Gulf of Mexico in Jamaica Beach Galveston
We drove through Galveston Beach to Jamaica Beach where it was slightly less crowded and we were able to drive the car right up on the sand.  We unloaded our chairs, cooler, towels, and the dogs and ran to our open spot on the sand.
Green Ray Ban Aviators on Beach
We spent the day in the sun eating BBQ sandwiches, drinking Deep Eddy Lemonade, and laying in the ocean with the dogs.
Ocean in Galveston Jamaica Beach


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