06 June, 2015

Punk's Simple Southern Food

Who doesn't get a serious craving for southern food once in a while, or all the time?  It's comforting, classic, and just plain old delicious.
Punk's Simple Southern Restaurant
Punk's is conveniently located in Rice Village in Houston, right next to its sister restaurant, Coppa.  The line of restaurants on Morningside is filled with amazing food and looks beautiful at night.

Immediately upon walking in, Punk's makes you feel at home.  The ambiance is great, and the decor is southern but hip with lots of ceiling lamps and dim lighting.  The restaurant is crowded but should still have a table for you and your party, and you'll see people dressed in heels, jeans, or workout clothes.  A combination of great music from the 80s and some country is playing, and you know you aren't going to be let down!
Punk's Simple Southern Restaurant

Punk's Simple Southern Menu

Punk's Simple Southern Menu
We ordered the deviled eggs to start and ordered a few classics -- Shrimp and grits, fried chicken (half bird), mac n' cheese, and red beans and rice.  The deviled eggs were gone in about two seconds (there were 3 of us, so we each ate one in a couple bites).
Deviled Eggs
The shrimp and grits was perfect.  Not too salty, not bland, and the sauce coating the shrimp was mouth-watering.
Shrimp n Grits, Red beans and Rice, and Mac n' Cheese
The fried chicken was my favorite: battered to perfection, not greasy, and some damn good fried chicken.  The portion was great and came with three wings, a leg and a breast.  It also comes with a pickle, a biscuit (amazing) and mashed potatoes & gravy.
Houston Fried Chicken at Punk's Simple Southern
The Punk's sauce is the perfect dipping sauce for the fried chicken -- It is thin but powerful.  The sauce smells like a mixture of spicy salsa and hot sauce, and it tastes like your holy grail sauce.  I'd put it on anything...
Punk's Simple Southern Sauce
Red beans and rice was perfect as well.  I loved the spice that it had, and the sauce was just enough to not overpower the rice.  Portion size was great as well and comfortably fed three people.

Mac n' cheese was the only thing we weren't crazy about -- I don't think you can ever go wrong with noodles covered with cheese, but when I order some at a restaurant, I want to to have a little flavor and some kick.  It was slightly bland for our liking and for the $8.00 price, I want a little something extra.  Of course, we still ate it all and it didn't go to waste!

I'll definitely be back at Punk's, and next time I go, I won't leave without ordering one of their biscuits...They looked too good to pass up.

Check out Punk's menu here -- They also do brunch and happy hour!  I'll be back for those too.

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