27 July, 2015

A Week of Food in Houston: Peli Peli and More

My stomach has had a pretty great week.  I tried two new places and visited one of my favorite burger places in Houston.

Since Gigi's closed in the Galleria, I've been wanting to try Peli Peli, the new South African restaurant filled with a million different sauces, marinated meats, and more meat.  I knew this would be my kind of place.
Peli Peli HoustonPeli Peli Houston
We started with their flat bread, stuffed mushrooms, and babouti, which looked similar to a mini Shepard's pie and was stuffed with different vegetables, seasonings, and was simply delicious.

I couldn't resist their most popular lunch dish, the Espetada.  The presentation might be intimidating if you're not a big meat eater or don't love garlic, but since I can put down some meat and love my garlic, I knew I made the right choice.  The skewer hangs from the top of the plate and has a small, hot plate of garlic above to slowly drip onto the meat and vegetables.  For my sides I got steamed spinach and sweet potato fries.

I didn't take pictures of the desserts.  Probably because I was already in a food coma and didn't want to admit it.  We gorged on cheesecake, caramel tart, chocolate mousse cake, and key lime pie.  I skipped the key lime, but I was a big fan of the chocolate plates and the cheesecake.  The cheesecake was one of the smoothest pieces I've had!

Friday we strolled over to Elevation Burger for a mild, not too heavy heart attack.  I got the classic elevation burger, which comes with two patties.  We got two sides of fries and made sure to make one of them cheesy.
Elevation Burger Houston
After lunch we went over to Hank's Ice Cream, a Houston classic.  Right outside the medical center, this ice cream shop has been open for years and is family-owned.  They have a small number of flavors, but they're homemade and you feel a little warm and cozy walking in.  I got the fudge brownie, which had large pieces of brownie in every bite and definitely satisfied my after-lunch sweet tooth.
Hank's Ice Cream Houston
On Saturday, we ventured out to the Woodlands for a concert and stopped at Morton's Grill for a quick bite.  I ordered a Raspberry Moscow Mule which was amazing.  I love a good Moscow mule, which is ironic because I typically can't stand ginger.  I also got a double cheeseburger (again...) and some more fries.  I'll definitely be getting a steak and some molten lava cake next time!
Raspberry Moscow Mule at Morton's Grill Houston
And because no week is complete without a large iced coffee, I had to get that too!
Starbucks Iced Coffee



  1. I absolutely LOVE Peli Peli! I eat at their original location in the Vintage off 249 as often as I can. My favs are the garlic filet and the sea bass. YUM!

    1. I couldn't believe how amazing it was -- I didn't know that it was there in the Galleria and replaced Gigi's until a couple weeks ago. So glad I finally tried it and will definitely be back. Any place that has a menu full of meat and steaks is my kind of place :-)


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