30 July, 2015

An Evening of Gelato and Macarons

Summer is the time for deep, bronzed tans, outdoor happy hours (assuming there's a fan here in Houston), maxi dresses, and loads of ice cream.  Since I've been on an ice cream kick, I decided to change things up and go for some gelato.
Gelato at Paciugo Houston
Paciugo Houston Gelato and Coffee
We went over to Paciugo, where we were greeted with rows of gelato and the tempting scent of cappuccinos.  I'm not much of a sorbet girl, so after tasting about 6 flavors, I naturally went for the dark chocolate and salted caramel.
Gelato Flavors at Paciugo
Gelato Flavors at Paciugo Houston
Because two large scoops of gelato wasn't enough for us, we strolled next door to Bite for some macarons.  Plus, after sitting outside for a few minutes, it was time for another dose of AC.  
Bite Macarons in Houston
Bite Macarons Buffalo Speedway Houston
Bite Macarons
Though the pink (rose) and green macarons looked cute and Instagram-worthy, I had to stay with what I know and get a dark chocolate and hazelnut.  I had enough willpower to save these until after dinner, and my mom and I LOVED them.  The dark chocolate tastes similar to my go-to Snackwells cookies as a kid, only much fancier and more decadent!
Macarons in Houston
Bite Macarons Houston
Bite Macarons in Houston
Definitely take a trip to Paciugo and Bite -- Go after work, treat yo-self, and skip rush hour traffic!

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