09 July, 2015

"You Look Disgusting"

If you're reading my blog, chances are you have some interest in the beauty or fashion community.  If not, then you might just know me personally and are showing support, and for that I thank you!

I'm on YouTube all day - Whether at work, at home, and even occasionally on the treadmill, I'm watching some sort of random entertainment.  Recently, a video titled "You Look Disgusting" has gone viral, and I am so glad that it did.  Em, from MyPaleSkin, has been creating YouTube videos for about 3 months.  Within those handful of months, she's received thousands of comments, and the majority of which I'm not sure anyone would actually say to her face.

Em filmed the most beautiful video showing just how brutal people can be on the Internet, and how so many people refuse to look past a couple bumps on our face, much less our physical appearance in general.

The video is short, sweet, and powerful.  Em starts out without makeup, and as she applies her makeup, she shows an array of hurtful comments that suddenly turn positive as her face "comes together".

Take a look at Em's video, and please share the powerful message!


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  1. This video was so beautiful when I saw it the other week it brought a tear to my eye knowing only partly what Em has been through/is going through, she's so beautiful I can't believe the comments she gets its awful!
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x


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