10 September, 2015

Coffee Talk: Siphon Coffee

Some coffee shops have newspapers, some have mugs for sale, and Siphon Coffee has frogger.

I've been wanting to venture out of my Starbucks bubble and try some independent coffee houses in Houston.  I'm really not picky when it comes to my coffee, but I am addicted to the iced coffee at Starbucks.  I know there are tons of great coffee shops surrounding the 713, so I'm on a mission to try them!

Siphon Coffee Latte in Houston

First stop: Siphon Coffee.  Parking sucks, but it's Montrose.  Chances are the lot will be full, but we didn't have a problem parking on the side streets around the corner.  We walked in and were greeted by the fresh aroma of coffee beans, freshly baked pastries, and textbooks (there were actually a good number of people reading books instead of Kindles...yay!).

Siphon Coffee Houston

Siphon Coffee is full of students and hipsters of all ages.  Good thing I bought a new flannel!  You'll feel a bit left out if you aren't sporting equal rights bumper stickers on your laptop.  I'm all for equal rights, but I keep my electronic bling to a minimum.  Depending on the time you go, it might be pretty hard to snag a table.

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

I'm not too fancy when it comes to my coffee, so I kept it basic and went for a latte with almond milk.  It was served at the perfect temperature and was tasty, but nothing that I haven't had before.

Best Latte In Houston 

The most intriguing thing on the menu is the Siphon special.  When I saw a $7.00 coffee on the menu, I had to ask about it.  You can order it for 1 or 2, and this coffee is individually brewed in an almost psychedelic looking apparatus.  It's less bitter than regular coffee and hasn't been pressed, so the beans are very fresh and aromatic.  The display is neat too, and it looked like most of the patrons went for this special.  Not me though, I'll stick to my basic latte.  I'm interested to try it on my next trip though, since it's only fair to try the signature item on the menu!

Coffee Shops in Montrose Houston

My favorite part had to be the bathroom -- They offer complimentary tampons, Nivea body lotion, and hairspray!  Looks like I have nothing to worry about on my next trip.

Siphon Coffee Houston

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