08 September, 2015

Post-Workout Fuel at Biskit Junkie

The first thing I think about after a good workout is what I'm going to eat.  We all know how important it is to feed our muscles after rigorous exercise, and what better way to get those gains than biscuits, waffles, and bacon?

Biskit Junkie had been on my radar for a few weeks.  I saw a friend's photo on Facebook of a biscuit he ordered, and I immediately added the restaurant to the top of my endless "places to go" list.  ...Take notes and add it to yours.

Biskit Junkie Houston

You know when you drive by a barbecue restaurant and can smell brisket from a mile away?  Biskit Junkie has the same effect, except you can smell waffles and biscuits browning from afar.  We pulled into the parking lot, found parking (which is near impossible in Houston) and strolled into the cozy brunch crowd.  The walls are painted turquoise, slightly distressed, and the walls are adorned with minimal yet eye-catching artwork.  #Merica.

Biskit Junkie Houston

Biskit Junkie Menu
The menu: short, sweet, but will still leave you struggling to decide what to order.

Biskit Junkie Houston

Biskit Junkie Houston American Flag artwork

I was having a pretty hard time deciding what to order.  After talking to an employee, I decided on the chicken and waffles, which comes with a generous heap of bacon.  I wasn't disappointed at all -- The meal comes with a medium-sized fried chicken breast, bacon, whipped cream, and syrup.

Chicken and Waffles at Biskit Junkie Houston

My friend is a vegetarian, so she ordered the El Chapo without chorizo.  Had she kept the chorizo, I may have gone in for a bite, but I'll wait until next time.  We split the corn fritters which were cooked to perfection -- Crispy and warm on the outside, warm and soft on the inside.

Corn Fritters in Houston

I also ordered a biscuit to-go which was a big hit at home, again for a vegetarian (weird, I know).  I got her the Huevos Rancheros biscuit, and she seemed to enjoy it.  Definitely eat it there if you can, though...beans and eggs aren't at their best after sitting in Houston traffic!



  1. that looks soooo good.


    1. Good doesn't begin to describe! Thanks for stopping by, Elena! Love your blog -- You seem to be a beauty junkie like myself.


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