02 September, 2015

Seasons 52 and 52 Desserts

No, I didn't actually eat 52 desserts, but I wish!

The assortment of desserts at Seasons 52 is my favorite.  It looks like 52 shotglass-sized desserts are coming at you, but it's probably closer to 15.

We gathered for a much needed girls night to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Season's 52 is always a great spot since their menu changes constantly...you guessed it, depending on the season.

Seasons 52 Houston

I'm always able to find something that sounds good, and if I'm unsure, I go for a flat bread.  I'm never disappointed.  I opted for the Lobster Pappardelle, which was the perfect choice for my pasta craving.  The sauce wasn't too thick but just creamy enough to coat the pasta and give the dish a little extra something.  I'm always hesitant to order lobster dishes because I'm a hungry girl, and I find that I never get enough food when ordering lobster.  The Pappardelle was definitely enough food and was delicious -- But of course I still had room for dessert!

Seasons 52 Houston Pasta

Seasons 52 Houston

We were treated to a beautiful display of desserts presented in shot glasses.  Seriously, the best idea ever.  I never have a problem ordering a full plate of dessert, but even I at times am too stuffed to accommodate an entire brownie a la mode.  These are the perfect four-bite servings for when you just need something sweet after dinner...so, always.  Plus, they're great for a big group of girls who might be saying "That's way too many calories".  Nah, it's just a shot glass, so every body will want one...no excuses!

Seasons 52 Shot Glass Dessert

I called dibs on the s'more one, obviously.  Peanut butter came in a close second.

Seasons 52 Dessert Menu

Seasons 52 Menu

We toasted the birthday girl with our champagne, fought over who got which dessert, and took a really poor-lit group photo, sorority pose and all.

Seasons 52 Houston


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