11 December, 2015

5 Ways to Jumpstart The New Year

You know how it goes this time of year.  Loads of people come out of the woodwork wanting to lose 20 pounds, be a better person, or get a promotion.  We hear these goals all the time, but often times they fall off the radar because we simply don't put the work in.

I'm here to tell you that you actually can make these things happen if you're willing to give a little bit of yourself in the process, myself included.  Here are my 5 tips to start 2016 on the right track, stay on track, and achieve your goals:

Write your goals down- Our thoughts can be too much at times.  I know I have a million great ideas, but they get lost in my brain and then it's onto the next idea.  Writing my goals down helps hone in on them and visualize them.  Plus, sometimes putting pen to paper is the first big step.
Cute notebook to write down new year's resolutions and goals

Set realistic goals- You're probably not going to lose 10 pounds in one week.  If you do want to lose weight and have weight to lose, start with small goals to motivate yourself.  Maybe start with a goal to walk 30 minutes 3 times a week.  You can do that, and you can make time for that.  Numbers can sometimes set us up for failure and distract us from the more important goal, which in this case is health.  Set a goal here for something you know you will be able to keep track of, be proud of, and be consistent with.

Stay busy- Whether it's at your job, your hobby, or your social life, stay busy.  Motivation thrives and flows more easily when we're active and our minds are busy.  Idle time lets your mind wander and lets motivation fade.  Put in all of your effort at work, because what's the point of being somewhere and not giving it your all?

Only keep people in your circle who inspire you- This implies to both your in-person circle and your digital circle.  "Digital circle" meaning the people you follow, subscribe to, read about, etc.  Take some time to do a social cleanse and remove any toxic interactions from your life.  If you read a blog but find yourself feeling uneasy after, unsubscribe.  If there's someone on Facebook who only posts status updates that make your blood boil, delete them.  If you are hanging out with a group that drains your energy rather than growing it, stop spending time with them.  It's truly a simple fix that we overlook.

Keep tabs on positive moments- This is my personal favorite tip.  A couple weeks ago, I began participating in the "30 Days of Gratitude" challenge which encourages us to keep a journal and write down 3 positive things that happened each day.  By detailing what went well and why, we can force ourselves to realize that things more often than not aren't as bad as they seem.  There is always something good in a day, and making this a habit can have a serious impact on our overall mood and outlook.  This is most important on days where we feel like nothing went well.  On days like these, force yourself to think a little harder and find something, ANYTHING that went well.  Maybe you ate at your favorite restaurant or head your favorite song in the car and jammed out in your car by yourself...that shit counts.  Try to find something good in every day and watch your outlook change.

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