27 January, 2016

Why do I Love Fitness so Much?

I think often times we are so passionate about something, put so much energy into something, or talk about something so much, we forget that people will want to know why.

A friend of mine recently asked me, "Why do you love fitness so much?'.  I paused for a second and rather than answering with the standard, "I just do", really thought about why I choose to spend so much of my time interacting within the fitness community.  Whether it's me working out myself, looking at inspiring fitness photos/videos, talking to my friends, family, or strangers about fitness, I'm pretty consumed in the health and fitness world.
Fitness models in Houston Texas
My answer went a little something like this:


26 January, 2016

Pink Velvet Cake Pops

Why red velvet when you can pink velvet?  To kick off @cupfullofcoco, we embarked on a Sunday Funday baking day and whipped up these ridiculously tasty pink velvet cake pops!
How to Make Cake Pops
These are the perfect treat for a girl's night in, party, or for Valentine's Day spent pigging out in the kitchen!


14 January, 2016

The Easiest Protein Smoothie | Pre or Post-Workout

If you're anything like me, you can relate to the feeling of being ravenous after a workout.  Give my body a good 30 minutes, and I'm ready to pull through the nearest drive-through and order everything on the menu.

I told myself that 2016 would be the start of healthier habits, and for me that starts in the kitchen.  I've found that as a woman it's easy to fall short on our protein requirements, and if you are training consistently (or, even if you are just looking to hit your nutrition goals), a good, old fashioned protein shake is an easy and quick way to get those extra grams in.
Protein smoothie with spinach and frozen fruit
My go-to smoothie is too easy.  Here's everything you'll need:

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