25 January, 2016

cupfullofcoco: A New Beginning

I couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of a new Instagram account started by myself and my friend and new PIC, Courtney.

Meet our new brand, @cupfullofcoco.  Cupfullofcoco is geared towards anyone who is looking to live a healthy, balanced life.  If you read my blog post from the past, "8 Tips To Be Your Happiest Self", you'll know how much I value different pillars in life.  I've found to be the most content with my life when I'm focusing on my physical health, mental health, social life, and career.  Life's often a balancing act, and there are endless ways to maximize your life in every category.

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Cupfullofcoco is all about inspiring others, including ourselves, to balance and enjoy every aspect of life.  Not only do we hope to appeal to the eye with aesthetically pleasing photos, but our goal is to inspire a healthy lifestyle.  Balance your weekly cardio with a cupcake.  Treat yourself.  Take some time to yourself, but don't neglect the good people in your circle.

We'll be posting photos geared towards health, fitness, food, and lifestyle: places where we feel most inspired and where we have the passion to motivate others.  A few motivational quotes here and there too, because who doesn't Google a good quote every now and then?  Our page will be chalk-full of health tips, fitness ideas, recipes, and things that simply bring us joy.

So, stay tuned for everything coming from cupfullofcoco.  Tag us in anything inspiring, @cupfullofcoco, hashtag #cupfullofcoco, and talk to us!  We hope to create an engaging community, so please email any requests, ideas, or thoughts to cupfullofcoco@gmail.com.

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