27 January, 2016

Why do I Love Fitness so Much?

I think often times we are so passionate about something, put so much energy into something, or talk about something so much, we forget that people will want to know why.

A friend of mine recently asked me, "Why do you love fitness so much?'.  I paused for a second and rather than answering with the standard, "I just do", really thought about why I choose to spend so much of my time interacting within the fitness community.  Whether it's me working out myself, looking at inspiring fitness photos/videos, talking to my friends, family, or strangers about fitness, I'm pretty consumed in the health and fitness world.
Fitness models in Houston Texas
My answer went a little something like this:

I love fitness because it is my outlet.  Being active, sweating, lifting weights, sprinting: these all help me blow off some steam and get my mindset right for at least an hour.  Even on days when I wake up feeling lethargic and not feeling the gym, I look forward to this "me time" and the time period where I get to focus on both my physical and my mental health.

Fitness is also such a broad industry that it allows room for growth.  I'm great at sprinting and plyometrics, but I'm not the best runner or the best at Pilate's.  This keeps us humble.  Practice in one area allows us to grow and improve, but there is always another form of exercise that will bring us right back down to earth where someone else can teach us.  Fitness allows every person to teach each other: whether it's a new move, a technique, a tip, a class, or a new mindset.

I've also learned a lot about myself as a person when it comes to dedication and commitment.  I always encourage people to find a workout partner - Someone who is at or around your fitness level who you can keep up with.  Set a date and a time, and commit to this person and to yourself!  You'll learn how much you want it, how committed you are, and you'll stay dedicated to not piss off your partner!

However, my true level of dedication proved itself without a partner.  How hard are you going to push yourself when it's just you?  Are you going to blow off your workout because you'd rather lay in bed watching TV (I've done this plenty of times), or are you going to view it as an appointment with yourself that you know you shouldn't miss?

Why do you love fitness?  Share your reasons in the comments below!


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