09 February, 2016

How to Get Lingerie Ready for Valentine's Day

Ah, the V day.  Some love it, some hate it, and some (like myself) really just want to pig out on chocolate.

If you're into Valentine's Day, chances are you want to look a little extra special and feel your best.  Whether you're getting ready to sport some lingerie, take a vacation, or just want to feel extra hot on your date, here are a few tips to get your body ready!

Remember, there is NO quick fix when it comes to toning up/weight loss.  The only healthy way to achieve your goals is through diet and exercise...that's it.  These tips are little quick fixes to have you less bloated, slightly leaner, and looking your best this weekend:

how to get a big butt and small waist workout

I'm not much of a lingerie person, but I am a leggings person!

American Apparel Red Leotard
The closest thing I have to red, festive lingrie...an American Apparel leotard.
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