22 March, 2016

Style Series: Dallas, TX

White Romper Revolve
Romper: Revolve / Shoes: H&M
White Romper for Spring
White Romper Revolve Clothing
For Beautycon Dallas, I went for something simple, chic, and comfortable.  Had I known a crazy cold front was going to roll through, I might have gone a different route, but I threw a leather jacket on top and shivered my way through Dallas!
Makeupshayla outfit
Shirt and Skirt: H&M


21 March, 2016

Beautycon Swag: A Giveaway

If free swag doesn't get you overly excited, I'm not sure we can be friends.

I had the opportunity to attend Beautycon Dallas for work, and I was beyond excited to walk out with a bag full of goodies from NYX Cosmetics, Ardell Lashes, Lime Crime, Maybelline, and Hollywood Fashion Secrets (who saved the day during my dreaded romper-induced fashion emergency). I'm trying my best not to clutter my space this Spring, so I sorted through the swag and decided to only keep what I knew for sure would go to use.
Beautycon Dallas giveaway NYX and Ardell Lashes


15 March, 2016

Millennial Stereotypes: Are we lazy?

Ever been so frustrated with your job that you debated quitting and spontaneously jet-setting to the South of France?  Were these thoughts fueled by the desire to travel, laziness, or out of extreme frustration with your job?

Let me preface all of this by stating that I'm aware of my generation's stereotype: We're considered lazy, entitled, and often times unskilled.  I'd be lying if I said that these stereotypes came out of nowhere -- I understand why they're floating around.  Many millennial enter the workforce expecting their dream job, not wanting to work their way up, put in their time, and expect to be treated like royalty before dealing with some shit.
marketing makeup jobs for millenials
My pretty bland, bleak, yet functional office space


11 March, 2016

Pick, Click and Go! #JoinTheClick with Cover FX Click Sticks

I don't talk much about my everyday 9-5 job here on my blog, so I should start off this post by saying that I work full-time as the Marketing Coordinator for Cover FX.  I get to stay in the loop of everything behind the scenes with the brand, new product launches, events, and all of our influencer relations!

Let's talk about the exciting new launch from Cover FX that rolled out this month: Click Sticks!  If you're familiar with Cover FX foundations, you know how smooth the cream foundation formula is.  Clicks come in 3 varieties: Cover Clicks, Correct Clicks, and Enhance Clicks.
Cover FX Click Sticks
Love this James Bond-esque briefcase that I created for Cover FX PR!

10 March, 2016

A Love Affair with Shakeshack & Exciting News

I've been lusting after some Shakeshack since a trip to NYC last year.  I happened to be standing in Madison Square Park, looked to my left, and my eyes widened at the initial sight of Shakeshack.  Just my luck, they were closed for renovations, and I didn't get to experience the savory, juicy burger on that trip.  But I knew my time would come when I least expected it.

Que my recent trip to Miami: I was getting a much-needed manicure when my stomach started growling.  I opened the Postmates app and saw that there was a Shakeshack 2 miles away.  I immediately started planning my order in my head and needed my nails to speed dry to GTFO of there.
Shakeshack burger Houston
Shakeshack was hands-down the best burger I've had from a fast food style restaurant.  I went for the double ShackBurger with cheese and sauce on the side, fries, and chocolate + vanilla frozen custard.

Somehow we were gifted a 3rd burger, so naturally we split it and indulged a bit more.

The frozen custard was magical -- And with the fries...SO amazing.

So, for the exciting news.  According to Eric Sandler, CultureMap food editor, Shakeshack will be coming to Houston by the end of 2016!  They'll be touching down in the Galleria area, and all of Houston's crazy traffic will be well worth it.

Also, special shoutout to the staff at Shakeshack in Goral Gables for finding my Rayban sunglasses on the floor and hanging onto them for me until 11PM.  You're the real MVP!

09 March, 2016

How to Get Rid of Excess Stomach Fat | The Pudge

how to get rid of stomach fat women
Being a woman is such a beautiful thing, but one of the most common struggles among our kind is that damn pudge.  Women tend to hold excess fat around the stomach and hip area, logically so.  Our body fat percentage is naturally higher than men, so try not to get too frustrated when your boyfriend eats a triple cheeseburger and doesn't gain a pound.
How to Lose Stomach Fat and Get a flat stomach women
I've gotten a few questions lately on how to shed the extra layer of fat in the mid section.  One of my good friends recently texted me recently: She's working out 3-5 days a week, altered her diet to consist of lean protein, vegetables, oatmeal, and fruit, but isn't noticing any fat loss.  She's been doing this for 4 months and wanted some tips on how to tweak her workout to get maximum results.


08 March, 2016

48 Hours in Miami: Cover FX Makeup Masterclass

When you have 48 hours to spend in Miami, chances are you're dreaming of the beach, some sun, and a good meal or two.  Unfortunately, the beach didn't work out this trip, but the food damn sure did.
United Airlines flights to Miami Florida
Chiqui Delgado and Roberto Ramos Cover FX

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