08 March, 2016

48 Hours in Miami: Cover FX Makeup Masterclass

When you have 48 hours to spend in Miami, chances are you're dreaming of the beach, some sun, and a good meal or two.  Unfortunately, the beach didn't work out this trip, but the food damn sure did.
United Airlines flights to Miami Florida
Chiqui Delgado and Roberto Ramos Cover FX

I was in Miami for a work trip, so my time was extremely limited.  But I was determined to squeeze as much as I could in these couple of days.  We dropped our bags off at our hotel and went on our way for a much needed manicure and lunch.  We stayed at The Westin Collonade in Coral Gables - Gorgeous.  The lobby was gorgeous with tons of natural lighting, and my room lead out to a stunning balcony looking out into the city.
The Westin Collonade Coral Gables
Hotels in Coral Gables Miami Florida
Nice hotels in Coral Gables Florida
The second my stomach started growling, I checked Postmates to see what was in the area (and had to see who delivered in case I needed some late night, in-room dining).

Shakeshack.  OH, Shakeshack.  I instantly started plotting my late-night delivery to pig out on a burger and watch TV, but we quickly decided to head over immediately.  I couldn't have been more satisfied.
Shakeshack burgers custard
Two burgers, 1 custard, and 1 order of fries later, I had a new love and also had a food baby.

Sunday came quickly, and it was time for work.  {Cue: Work, work, work, work}.  Cover FX was sponsoring a Makeup Masterclass with Roberto Ramos + Chiqui Delgado, and we were expecting about 150 women total.  Knowing it would be a long day, we stopped for as quick breakfast at Chocolate Fashion.  I needed some protein, so I went with the Chorizo Omelet...but I couldn't resist the Chocolate Croissant either and definitely needed a cappuccino.
Alison Brod Public Relations fashion blog
Chocolate Fashion Coral Gables Florida
The Masterclass was held at La Jolla Ballroom and was simply beautiful.  The space was decorated perfectly with acrylic chairs, chandeliers, a photo booth, and ring lights for the perfect selfies.
Fashion Blogger Miami Florida Event
La Jolla Ballroom Events
Cover FX Makeup Masterclass Roberto Ramos Chiqui Delgado
Roberto taught everyone all about complexion, foundation, eye makeup, brows, highlighting, contouring, and the works.  It doesn't take much to make Chiqui beautiful, but he showed how less is more and how simple it can be to enhance one's natural beauty.  The event was educational and very informative, and the attendees were excited to hear about Cover FX's global shade range with 40 shades and loved hearing about the new launches!
Roberto Ramos and Chiqui Delgado Makeup Masterclass
Chiqui Delgado
How great is it when you meet someone who is just as kind as they are beautiful?!  For real...such an incredible combination.

Maybe next time in Miami I'll have Shakeshack on the beach.  I like that plan already.

Follow Roberto and Chiqui on Instagram to see more BTS photos of the event.


  1. Although this place is probably not cheap, but they are centrally located, have fabulous staff and delicious food, and most importantly, the best views of the city. I would definitely recommend this event space for any kind of fancy event – all my friends talked about throwing parties here only.

    1. It was definitely an awesome event space! Great staff, amazing food, and prime location. Parking wasn't an issue either!


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