29 April, 2016

How to Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

Working out is challenging, but what's even more of a challenge is being consistent.  Getting to the gym and breaking a sweat is a step in the right direction, but setting yourself up for success starts with consistency.

I've gotten lots of questions on how to stay motivated, stay on track, and force yourself to get to work when you feel like vegging on the couch and watching Netflix.  Here's what works for me - Share any of your tips in the comments!
How To Stay Consistent With Your Workouts


28 April, 2016

Brasserie 19

You know when you go to a restaurant fully prepared to make a healthy decision, so you can the menu searching for salmon, salad, and greens, but then you see "Burger" and you just can't get with the healthy plan?  Same.
Best burger in Houston Brasserie 19


27 April, 2016

Belted Shorts & Bell Sleeves

Every woman needs a good pair of tailed shorts for their wardrobe.

I came upon this pair from ASOS and immediately added them to my cart.  Who can resist black high-waisted tailored shorts, especially when they're priced at $33?
ASOS black high waisted shorts


25 April, 2016


If you slept on Beyonce's epic Lemonade release Saturday evening like myself, don't fret.  It's not too late to get a taste of the raw, emotional, jaw-dropping visual album.  Yes, Queen B did it again.
Beyonce Lemonade

22 April, 2016

BRC GastroPub

You can't miss BRC on Washington Avenue.  A large, red rooster awaits your arrival at the parking lot entrance, and you're somehow immediately in the mood for some fried chicken.
BRC Gastropub Houston


19 April, 2016

Long Weekend in San Diego

I'm still missing the ocean view, spa music at the Estancia Resort, and happy hours with my best friends in San Diego.
How to get a round butt
After posting my foodie experience at Caroline's Seaside Cafe, I got a few questions about other places that I'd recommend in San Diego.  What better to recommend other places than a quick trip recap?

17 April, 2016

Drexel House

Spring doesn't just mean warmer weather and blooms, it means patio weather.  After-work happy hours, weekend brunch, and maybe some day drinking in between.  Drexel House has you covered (literally).
Highland Village has always been one of my favorite areas of Houston.  The retail, restaurants, and stores are A+, and the year-round Christmas lights are a huge bonus for me.  Yes, I love Christmas lights all the time.  Parking is another story, but let's leave that negativity out of here!


10 April, 2016

Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa

I'm still daydreaming of my recent stay at Estancia Hotel & Spa in La Jolla.  My best friends and I recently spent a much-needed long weekend there, and I had to share the experience with everyone!
Estancia La Jolla Resort and Spa
If you're from Houston, chances are you've heard of MyRedGlasses, a favorite blog of any fashion or travel junkie.  I recently met with Roz over coffee to talk about the new Cover FX launch (read more here), and told her that I'd be traveling to San Diego.
Estancia Hotel La Jolla San Diego
I wrote all about Estancia, and Roz published it on MyRedGlases!  To read all about the spa, hotel, and extra amenities, head over to her blog!  You'll probably want to open another tab to book your reservation while you're at it..
Estancia Hotel and Spa La Jolla California

07 April, 2016

Keeping In Touch

My best friends from college will remain my best friends forever.  We find ourselves saying this many times as we grow, but there's something about your college best friends that will never change.

While in San Diego, the girls and I were chatting about how lucky we are to have each other and to be able to stay in touch the way we do.  We were laughing at the comments others made: "You still keep in touch with your friends from college?!"...of course we do.  You don't?
College Best Friends Article
We decided to start a tradition where once a year we spend a long weekend together in a new place.  Last year was Denver, this year was San Diego.  It gives us something to always look forward to, plan together, and potentially go broke together (just kidding, plan smart).
Staying in touch with friends
A few reasons why your college best friends will forever be your OGs:


05 April, 2016

Breakfast With A View | Caroline's Seaside Cafe

I don't think I could ever get used to drinking my coffee while staring at the Pacific Ocean.  Cali people, do you all ever stop and marvel at the views you have on the West Coast?  I had to stop stuffing my veggie scramble and potatoes into my mouth and remind myself that some people get to enjoy the beauty of La Jolla every day.
Caroline's Seaside Cafe San Diego
On my recent trip to San Diego, our first stop was breakfast at Caroline's.  I hadn't eaten since around 7PM the night before, and after a long, late night of traveling, I was pretty damn hungry and ready to grub.  Caroline's was only about a mile away, so we threw out suitcases into our uber and arrived at what is probably the most gorgeous location I've eaten breakfast at.
Caroline's Seaside Cafe San Diego
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