05 April, 2016

Breakfast With A View | Caroline's Seaside Cafe

I don't think I could ever get used to drinking my coffee while staring at the Pacific Ocean.  Cali people, do you all ever stop and marvel at the views you have on the West Coast?  I had to stop stuffing my veggie scramble and potatoes into my mouth and remind myself that some people get to enjoy the beauty of La Jolla every day.
Caroline's Seaside Cafe San Diego
On my recent trip to San Diego, our first stop was breakfast at Caroline's.  I hadn't eaten since around 7PM the night before, and after a long, late night of traveling, I was pretty damn hungry and ready to grub.  Caroline's was only about a mile away, so we threw out suitcases into our uber and arrived at what is probably the most gorgeous location I've eaten breakfast at.
Caroline's Seaside Cafe San Diego

We walked up the stairs and were immediately in awe of the space.  There are plenty of tables outside, or if you've had too much sun or need to get some work done, there are a few tables inside next to the window as well.  No matter where you sit, you get to look through the large windows and right on to the beach.
Caroline's Seaside Cafe San Diego
I couldn't decide what to order, so I ended up going with the veggie scramble with potatoes and toast, and I also had to get a sesame bagel with cream cheese.  And yes, I ate it all, even if my intentions were originally to share the bagel.

The food was delicious.  Everything was reasonably priced, and there were plenty of options to choose from.  I was most impressed by the jam and the toast, honestly.  I still can't get the grape jam out of my head and am tempted to see if Caroline's can ship a jar down to Houston.
Caroline's Seaside Breakfast
After breakfast we walked down the steps for a quick visit to the beach.  If you're feeling productive, go down for a stroll and some sun, or you can be like us and walk down for a photo-op.
San Diego Beach
San Diego Beach
Caroline's was so good that we ended up going back for our last breakfast in La Jolla.  I opted for the smoked salmon on round 2 didn't feel bad at all about re-visiting the same restaurant on our trip - Just brought it full circle!

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