29 April, 2016

How to Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

Working out is challenging, but what's even more of a challenge is being consistent.  Getting to the gym and breaking a sweat is a step in the right direction, but setting yourself up for success starts with consistency.

I've gotten lots of questions on how to stay motivated, stay on track, and force yourself to get to work when you feel like vegging on the couch and watching Netflix.  Here's what works for me - Share any of your tips in the comments!
How To Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

  • Diversify your workouts: Don't let yourself grow bored with your workouts.  And trust me, it will happen! To avoid boredom, make sure you switch up your workout routine.  Doing the same routine, at the same gym, at the same time, will start to mess with your head.  You'll find yourself thinking "I don't feel like doing that again", so don't let that become one specific routine.  Switch it up and keep your body and your mind working.

    Workouts to try: HIIT for cardio, spinning, different weight exercises, boxing, boot camp
  • Change of scenery: If you're used to running outside, try going to a different park or trail.  If you're used to a gym, try getting to another gym every so often.  Your local gyms will most likely offer a trial pass, so take advantage of them!  See what gyms are around you, and ask for a free pass when you're feeling burnt out.
    Best way to stay motivated at the gym
  • Find a workout buddy: You might feel like blowing your workout off sometimes, but you'll be less inclined to blow off your friend.  Find a friend who has similar goals as you, and make plans to meet at a trail or gym a couple times a week.  You'll owe it to them to show up, and it will give you something extra to look forward to!
  • Create a playlist and keep adding to it: I can't stand listening to myself breathe while I workout, and I also can't stand when I'm hearing the same songs over and over again during my workouts.  Create a workout playlist and try and add new songs to it every couple of weeks.  You can also try Pandora or a streaming service to switch it up and get you out of a playlist rut.
  • Set a schedule: Don't wing your workouts (spontaneity is good, but sporadic workouts are not). Create a schedule that works for your lifestyle and stick with it.  Pick at least 2-3 days a week where you dedicate a time slot to your fitness routine. I like to do Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and if something comes up on those days, I'll work to move them around.
  • Take time off: One of my biggest pieces of advice is to REST.  If you are committed to your workouts, you'll probably burn out once in a while.  Don't quit when you know you shouldn't, but if you're finding yourself unmotivated and stuck in a mundane routine, it might be best to take some time off.  I've found that taking a week off sometimes is the only answer to getting my mindset back on track when it comes to fitness.  Once that week passes, you'll be ready to get back into the gym, and your body will work harder than you're used to.
Stay motivated, stay consistent, and stay dedicated to yourself!

Share your best tips below -- I'm listening!

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