07 April, 2016

Keeping In Touch

My best friends from college will remain my best friends forever.  We find ourselves saying this many times as we grow, but there's something about your college best friends that will never change.

While in San Diego, the girls and I were chatting about how lucky we are to have each other and to be able to stay in touch the way we do.  We were laughing at the comments others made: "You still keep in touch with your friends from college?!"...of course we do.  You don't?
College Best Friends Article
We decided to start a tradition where once a year we spend a long weekend together in a new place.  Last year was Denver, this year was San Diego.  It gives us something to always look forward to, plan together, and potentially go broke together (just kidding, plan smart).
Staying in touch with friends
A few reasons why your college best friends will forever be your OGs:

They were there when you were really starting to learn about yourself: how you act away from home, having to take care of yourself when you're sick, and how to prioritize your day-to-day.
Why your college best friends will be close forever
They were there when you dated some off-the-wall weirdo, and even if they knew you'd laugh about it in the future, they still sat with you and listened to your ridiculous stories.  ...And you all still laugh about it.
Why your college best friends will be close forever
They stepped up to the plate when you were throwing up and needed some In-N-Out, Advil, and water and nursed you back to a normal human being.
Best friends in boulder
Pretty sure I had strep on this trip to Boulder, CO.

They probably even helped clean up your puke at some point.

They have the ugliest photos of you on their phone, but they only keep them to crack up and piss you off incase you forgot about them.
University of Arizona apartments
They still loved you even when you left your nasty dishes in the sink, but they made sure to tell you when you were being a slob and kept you in check.
Why your college best friends will be close forever
They adventured with you on last-minute, bizarre weekend getaways.
W Hotel Scottsdale
They stuck with you during your nights out, and they also would lay in bed with you eating cinnastix and watch Girls on a lazy Saturday night.
Why your college best friends will be close forever
how to stay in touch with college best friends
They still loved you after you used fabric softener for a year to wash your laundry instead of detergent (or was that just us?).

They were the girls you found when you had no idea who you would meet.
University of Arizona graduation
University of Arizona
Never lose sight of how important your girls are.  Regardless of where you all live, make the effort to stay in touch.  Update each other on your lives.  Tell them about the shitty day you had at work, the amazing dinner you had, or the hilarious meme that made you think of them.  Keep up with the little things, and you'll always pick up where you left off.
How to stay in touch with friends
Dedicated to my amazing, hilarious, (insert expletive here) best friends, Avery and Kelsey.
Why your college best friends will be close forever

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