25 April, 2016


If you slept on Beyonce's epic Lemonade release Saturday evening like myself, don't fret.  It's not too late to get a taste of the raw, emotional, jaw-dropping visual album.  Yes, Queen B did it again.
Beyonce Lemonade
As if Beyonce's Ivy Park release didn't have us begging for more, Lemonade just turned our world upside down.  Beyonce released the visual album Saturday night on HBO, and women worldwide were amazed at the strength exhibited by B.

Dedicate an hour to watch Lemonade- You won't regret it.  The visuals evoke a range of emotions, and Beyonce did a damn good job of lighting a fire under women's asses across the world.  To me, the visuals screamed girl power while simultaneously drawing attention to the importance and sensuality of marriage.  The visuals highlight themes of black womanhood, forgiveness, love, infidelity, and female empowerment. 
Lemonade Beyonce
Lemonade Album Beyonce
There's something about watching a beautiful woman artistically open up to the world in such a raw, uncut, and visual manner.

You can still watch Lemonade on Tidal.  Sign up and register for a free 90 day trial.  Watch Beyonce in action and a few of Tidal's other offerings.  If you don't want to stick around, cancel the trial and you won't pay a dime.  The album is also now available for purchase on iTunes.  You know what I'll be listening to for the next month.

What was your favorite scene in Lemonade?  Hard to pick one, but I'd have to say mine was Beyonce slowly sinking in the room full of water, reciting lyrics in a poetic, angry tone.  I also had the feels when Serena Williams strutted her stuff.
Serena Williams Lemonade
Favorite song: hands down "Don't Hurt Yourself (feat. Jack White).

Prepare to feel the range of emotions and an immediate need to hit the gym.
Beyonce Lemonade
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