10 May, 2016

By Kilian

Saks Houston Galleria
Unless you've been hiding under a rock in Houston, you'd know that Saks recently remodeled their entire store and restaurant, and the store now looks like it's been kissed by he angels with open, white walls all around and a gorgeous space.  What better time to view the new store than during Kilian Hennessy's appearance?

I had the opportunity to interview Kilian one-on-one at his beautiful counter in Saks Fifth Avenue in the Houston Galleria.  Head over to MyRedGlasses here to read our full interview.

Q: When did you find passion in fragrance, and what made you want to design your own collection?

A: During my fifth year in college.  I had to write a thesis, and I picked perfume.  IN order to understand what I'd be writing about, I took a class, and the first minute I started smelling oils and ingredients, I was hooked.
Kilian Hennessy Saks
Click here to read our full interview!

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