18 May, 2016

Grocery Guide

My trip to Mexico is creeping up, and I'm doing my best (strugglin') to eat as clean as possible.  My main goal is to prepare as many of my meals at home as possible to not only work on my abs but also on my wallet.  When I do the math, taking myself out to lunch everyday adds up to about $75 during the work week!  That same dollar amount can be put towards fresh groceries to feed a few others too!

The grocery store can go a few different ways.  If I have a list, I know what I need, but that doesn't mean that jar of Nutella isn't begging to be tossed into my shopping cart as I walk past aisle 4.  Yeah, I bought a jar on my last trip to the store and ate straight from it with a spoon.

To prevent impulse purchases and stay on track of what I need, I created this simple, organized grocery check list.  If you're trying to save some coins and meal prep this summer, this guide is for you!  You can print your free grocery guide here.

A disclaimer because I've seen the things that people are compelled to say on the internet: No, I'm not vegan. Yes, I eat meat.  Yes, I also eat bread, wheat, and grains.  I limit dairy to a minimum because I've found that my skin is clearer when I stay away from it.  I do not have any other allergies, and I have zero problems with how my body functions when I consume any of these foods.  This blog is not the place for anyone who attempts to push their diet of choice down anyone else's throat.  I eat it all.

Keep in mind that this list is very basic.  You can swap items according to your lifestyle and taste, but these are my staples to stay in a budget and as lean as possible!

Let me know what your must-have items are when you're at the grocery store!

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