16 May, 2016

Houston Bloggers Event at Sugar and Cloth

Sugar and Cloth Houston
Sundays are usually made for coffee, pajamas, and spending all day curled up in bed watching TV, especially in this gloomy Houston weather.  Oh, and occasionally cleaning the house.  But this past Sunday, I was forced to wash my hair, put on an appropriate outfit, and head out for the first Houston Bloggers event held at Sugar and Cloth.

If you're unfamiliar with Sugar and Cloth, check out their website, Instagram, and Twitter.  Not only is Ashley's story incredibly inspiring for anyone in the blogging community, but they also have the cutest office space in Houston.  Located above Tout Suite, Sugar and Cloth is encompassed in bright, white walls and filled with gold-toned pieces.  They also have a few of their unique DIY items, including their Rainbow DIY Taper Candle Holder which immediately caught my eye!  If you haven't ventured over to their location, take a trip and grab a chocolate croissant from Tout Suite while you're there.
Sugar and Cloth Event
The event was put on by Jillian, aka Cup of Charisma.  Hats off to her for an informative, collaborative, and gorgeous event!  She began the Q&A with Ashley, and topics focused mostly on running your own business, sponsored content, outsourcing, time management, and social media.  I live tweeted a few of Ashley's best tips, so be sure to check my Twitter if you're curious!

One of my favorite tips was for those of us who contribute to someone else's website, be it a blog, publication, ghost writing, etc.  Ashley noted how important it was to provide your best work when contributing to someone else's platform.  We might think to save the best content for our own page, but why half-ass content that's going to make your mark in someone else's territory?  You never know who will be reading, come upon your featured article, and think "damn, who wrote that?!"  You don't want to leave a half-ass taste in a reader's mouth, so always provide your best work when working as a contributing writer.  If you've been following me, you know that I've been contributing to My Red Glasses, and I'm always looking to work with writers in the Houston area and beyond!

I'm a big fan of bringing bloggers together, or bringing women together in any industry.  We all have something to learn, and we also all have something to teach.  Why not inspire each other and learn from other like-minded, independent women?
Tout Suite Houston - Sugar and Cloth
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We didn't forget about National Chocolate Chip Cookie day either.  You better believe I squeezed through the crowd to grab a couple -- I had to be modest though, because Mexico is around the corner!
Tout Suite Cookies - Sugar and Cloth
Huge thanks to Ashley, Jillian, and all of the other creatives that helped make Houston Blogger's first event a great one!



  1. Oh wow! This event looks great. You both look amazing and party food seems to be mouth-watering. At one of local Chicago event venues we too had a great time last weekend. It was a bachelorette night party of my friend and all had an awesome time together.

    1. It was a great event! Those cookies were some of the best, but it's hard not to be when coming from Tout Suite in Houston! Hope you had a great time at the bachelorette :-)!

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