24 May, 2016

Marble and Dancers and Shrimp, Oh my!

Aesthetic overload: I mean that in the best way possible.
51fifteen Saks Houston
Photo credit: Julie Soefer

51fifteen Houston
If you've been into 51fifteen, Saks' new 8,500 square foot restaurant, you're probably wondering how you can design your home to look half as nice, but you're also probably wondering who the genius is behind the project.  Answer: Nina Magon and her team at Contour Interior Design.  You may have heard of Nina, a multi-award winning interior designer who's been named one of the top designers in the country.  Nina's known for her glamour yet refined and modern aesthetic, and 51fifteen may be one of her greatest projects to-date.  Nina's talent doesn't stop at interior design, though -- She also was rocking the sexiest smokey eye paired with a gorgeous black lace, open-backed jumpsuit!
I chose an all white ensemble which coordinated well with the restaurant, but didn't quite coordinate with the weather or my messy eating.  I watched in slo-mo as a drop of garlic pesto sauce fell from my piece of shrimp and just missed my pants and landed on the center of my blazer.  I looked on the bright side: at least the blazer was black!

I also had the opportunity to interview Nina and pick her brain a bit!  To read our full interview on My Red Glasses, click here.
51fifteen Houston

If you're looking for a good looking pair of patent nude heels, these are for you!  Plus, I was asked if they were Louboutin.  No way, but I know I found a decent dupe!
Julie Soefer photography
How beautiful is this dining area?  I'd eat here every meal.
Nina Magon Houston event
View of the bar/lounge area
Julie Soefer photography Houston
Restaurant photos taken by Julie Soefer

Walking into 51fifteen feels like you're entering your dream Pinterest board.  My heels clicked on the beautiful, white marbled walkway that lead to the host stand, and I immediately veered left to sit in one of the tall, black velvet bar stools.  Contour Interior Design stuck to a black and white theme with pops of gold and deep navy blue.  The left of the restaurant is a cozy yet glamorous lounge area, and the bar divides this area from the dining space to the right.  Gorgeous.
51fifteen Menu
interior design Houston
White Marble Tables
To debut the flawless design, Contour Interior Design hosted a fundraiser at 51fifteen to benefit the Houston-based charity, Dec My Room.  Dec My Room is full of designers themselves, but these designers work to decorate the hospital rooms of children who are being admitted into the hospital for an extended period of time.  Click here to read more about Dec My Room and the life-touching projects they've completed.

The event was Brazilian Carnaval themed and included samba dancers, Brazilian-inspired lite bites, and a live band.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious over this guy's tan.  And abs.  And dancing skills.  I munched on grilled chicken, pesto shrimp, and my favorite, friend cheese balls, all which paired nicely with the Signature Cocktail: pineapple vodka & club soda.
Contour Interior Design Nina Magon
A gorgeous night well-deserved for 51fifteen.  Now I'm ready for a full meal - Brunch, anyone?


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