03 May, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day gift ideas
Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you've been waiting to think of the perfect gift (or waited until the last second to buy one), I've put together a list of a few items your mom should love.

I love getting my mom a luxury gift that she may not typically buy for herself.  Choosing a scent or fragrance can be tricky, but you know your mom better than anyone, so try and think of what she'd like in her home!  Here are a few gift ideas for your mom or any special lady this upcoming Sunday:

Coordinates Bracelet: I think these are so cute and add a personal and special touch to the gift.  You can add the coordinates of your first home, her birth place, her favorite vacation spot...anywhere that makes her happy.  (Buy on Etsy)
Jewelry for mother's day

Nest Candle: I've never found someone who didn't love Nest candles.  They have a variety of scents to choose from, and there's a good fit for every mom.  Some of my favorites are Bamboo, Amber, and Vanilla Orchid & Almond.  You can also go for one of their diffusers if mom's not a candle person! (Buy at Nordstrom)
Candles for Mother's Day

Kiehl's: Ah, Creme de Corps.  If you haven't tried this body lotion or taken a whiff, you're missin out.  This is one of my mom's favorites, and I love buying her a fresh bottle every year.  The Creme de Corps is luxurious, moisturizing, and gives the legs a gorgeous sheen.  (Buy at Nordstrom)
Best bath products for mother's day

Jo Malone: Another fragrance, but another luxury item that your mom might be lusting after.  Jo Malone also just launched a few new fragrances that are perfect for Spring and Summer.  These fragrances make the perfect gift, and you can always include a gift receipt incase your mom's had her eye on a different scent! Plus, their scents are unisex, so for any men reading this, you can steal a spray too.  (Buy at Nordstrom)
Jo malone mother's day

Bath Sets: A go-to gift for any mom that loves to pamper herself.  Make your own basket with bubble bath, body wash, lotion, and even a scrub.  Laura Mercier makes such a beautiful bath set and is a great gift for mom. (Buy at Nordstrom)
Bath sets for mother's day gift


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