31 May, 2016

State Fare

You might be thinking of cotton candy, too many screaming children, and broken down ferris wheels with melted ice cream.  That actually might just be a Texas state fare gone wrong, but I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about State Fare: Houston's newest Texas-inspired comfort food spot located in Gateway Memorial, which is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and as if you've experienced the best food porn of your life.
State Fare, formerly known as Pour Society. serves everything from chip and dip (yes, queso included) to frito pie to burgers and the best fries.  Southern comfort and a hearty touch is infused in every meal, including the cocktails.  Check out their full dinner menu here.

I've decided that our tasting at State Fare was one for the books...hands-down one of the best meals I've had, and it definitely took some preparation and room in my stomach.  Now I have a better understanding of how these guys in eating competitions can inhale hotdogs and make room for more.  Maybe not that extreme, but my food baby was saying otherwise.
Houston State Fare
Best appetizers in Houston
We started with a good ol' Texan classic trio of guac, queso, and frito bean dip.  You might want to try them individually first to savor the taste, but I have no problem scooping some of each onto my plate and combining them for an overwhelming tasty mix.  We then tasted jalapeno dip and dill pickle dip, served with house made potato chips and bbq chips, respectively.
Oysters in Houston
Oysters were up next: Roasted Gulf Oysters with sweet pepper, provolone, and spicy bourbon butter.  I love a good oyster, and it was a change of pace to try these.  They're served hot and taste SO great.  A little garlic makes all the difference with these!
Best ceviche Houston
Shrimp Cocktail Fulton St. Style: LAWD this was good.  Similar to a ceviche, but served with large, chunky pieces of shrimp, so you don't have to dig down to the bottom with your chip.  You know how frustrating it is when your chips break as you're scooping a bite of shrimp, avocado, cilantro, and tomato?  Very.

Speaking of the chips, they're all made fresh at the restaurant.  The tortilla chips, sweet potato chips, and barbecue chips aren't your run of the mill.
Tuna Tartare Houston
Tuna Tartare: Fresh tuna with crostini.  Yes, please.
Houston Happy Hour Drinks
Grapefruit Cocktails
The cocktails: State Fare knows how to make a good cocktail.  I got to sip on the entire cocktail menu, but unfortunately it was during lunch, so I couldn't fully enjoy an entire drink.  Next time I know what to order.

Just take a look at their full drink menu here and tell me you're not ready for a cocktail.  My favorite was the Blueberry Ginger Mule, but the Texas Greyhound came in a close second.  If you're a Moscow Mule lover, you'll be head-over-heels for the Blueberry Mule.  The Texas Greyhound was the most refreshing drink on the menu with grapefruit and elderflower.
State Fare Houston
Tortilla Soup Houston
Soups and salad: We had a serving of gumbo which was my favorite.  I could live off gumbo.  Pretty sure my blood is made of seafood gumbo, and State Fare hit the spot with this one.  Their tortilla soup was fantastic as well and is served fresh.  We tried the Big Wedge for our salad: blue cheese, candied pecans, tomato and bacon.  Tip: turn this into an entree and top it with some salmon, chicken, or even the tuna.
Frito Pie Houston
Frito Pie: If you love a good frito pie, this is for you.  Extra cheesy and topped with fresh jalapeños - You can't go wrong with this one.
Best burger in Houston
Burgers Houston
Best burger in Houston
Burgers & Fries: Some of the best burgers I've put in my mouth.  We tried the State Fare Burger, Jimmy's Beef Chili Cheeseburger, and The Hicksburger Beef Pattie, which is made with hot pastrami and chicken fried fries...sold yet?

Next time I'm definitely saving room for dessert and some mac n' cheese!  There's something for everybody at State Fare, even if you're a vegetarian, non-dairy eater, or have any other specific requests, the staff is very accommodating.  Maybe not understanding, because we love us some cheese and meat in Texas, but they got you!

The team at State Fare is beginning renovations to revamp the ropes and western-inspired decor with a gorgeous pops of navy, but make sure to check out their bar area that's coming!
State Fare Houston
Big thanks to the team at My Red Glasses and the staff at State Fare for an amazing experience!


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