30 June, 2016

Natural Weekend Makeup

Today might be Thursday, but we all know it feels like a Friday.

I'm not one to wear much makeup during the weekends, and I like to let my skin breathe from wearing makeup through the week in the office.  Plus, I try to motivate myself to hit the gym or get some sun, and I think that maybe if I don't wear makeup, I'll be more inclined to sweat it out...Maybe.

If I do have plans and want to wear a bit of makeup and add some color to my face, this is usually my go to look.  I love a light, neutral brown eye with a mauve, long-lasting lip.

Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any uploads!  I'm really enjoying filming and editing these -- It's definitely a challenge, but I love teaching myself new things and it's a fun challenge to learn!

Let me know your favorite look for a summer weekend and your favorite liquid lipstick!


29 June, 2016

The Black Jumpsuit

What does summer mean to me?  You didn't ask, but I'm answering anyway.  Summer means wearing pants as little as possible.  Living in airy dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits, and keeping a good breeze flowing.  I love showing the right amount of skin in a cute but classy piece and adding staple, simple jumpsuits to my wardrobe.
Black backless jumpsuit

28 June, 2016

July 4th Outfits

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's the end of June, but don't we all say that every month?  Somehow this summer has flown by, and it still hasn't even hit me that it is summer!

The 4th of July is upon is, and if you're anything like me, you don't even think about buying apparel and haven't thought about it since your days as a kid buying your patriotic, holographic t-shirts at Old Navy.  Recently I've been browsing (and shopping) a little too much at the mall, and while there I saw some cute, fun, and affordable pieces for the 4th.  If you're looking for an easy outfit quick, here are my top picks:
American Flag Bikinis
Bikini Top: Pacsun

21 June, 2016

My YouTube Channel

So yes, I know this is way overdue.  My friends and family have been telling me to film a YouTube video for over six years now, and with excuse after excuse, fear after fear, and neglecting to upload for insignificant reasons, I've finally decided to say "screw it" and take the plunge!

This past weekend, I uploaded my very first YouTube video sharing swatches of the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops.  If you missed my blog post with tons of swatch photos, price information, and where to buy, you can check it out here.

The whole editing business has me slightly flustered, but I've made it my mission to do my homework, practice, and study, and with practice comes improvement.  I'm more than open to any tips and suggestions that you may have, so please leave them in the comments!

Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any of my uploads!  Thanks to Amazon Prime, I've already received a brand spankin' new 64 GB memory card and am ready to film!  Who knew that a short and sweet video would take up all the space on my small memory card?! 
I'm planning on filming a ton of different videos and cannot wait to get started.  The content will mimic categories here on my blog, so you can expect to see a little bit of everything in beauty, fitness, food, fashion, and maybe some travel. 

Let me know any tips you have, and don't forget to subscribe!



20 June, 2016

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

Moon Palace Resort Rooms
I'm already missing these views and days of pure relaxation!  It's been a week since I returned from Cancun paradise and settled back into the Houston bipolar weather. There is seriously nothing better than a worry-free vacation where your biggest concern is when your next chance to sunbathe is and what you're having for dinner.

Moon Palace welcomed me with open arms and was the perfect home for my much too quick four night vacation. I arrived to the extremely large and unbelievable gorgeous Moon Palace grounds. We stayed in the Sunrise lobby, which opened into a bright lobby surrounded by tons of different shops and restaurants. If you're looking to be where the action is but still stay in a quiet, peaceful room, Sunrise is the your best bet! With 24/7 room service, diverse restaurants, daily and nightly shows and activities, a swim-up bar, and a convenient gym, you can't go wrong. Plus, I'm convinced that heaven smells like the Sunrise lobby. I wish I recorded myself each time I returned to the lobby and blurted out, "This place smells like heaven!!".


15 June, 2016

Why You Should Write to Your State Representative

Today's blog post is going to be very different from the rest.  You won't see any outfits, swimsuits, travel photos, or beauty products that I'm loving.  There are no links to purchase material things.  While I love writing about those topics and truly enjoy sharing my experiences and products I love, THIS is more important.  I truly hope that everyone reading this is inspired to share these links, share their opinions, and no longer walks on eggshells to please their friends, readers, followers, etc.

Since I was a kid, I told myself that I would never censor my opinions on issues that I cared about.  Regardless of who I may have a conversation with, I told myself that speaking my mind, especially on controversial issues that lit a fire in my blood, was more important than what another person's opinion of me might be.

If you're a human being with blood pumping through your veins, you feel disgusted, angry, saddened, and beyond frustrated with the recent massacre in Orlando.  If you're like me, a 24 year old woman who was able to vote in the last election, you've paid more attention to politics, current events, and issues that are important to you.  If you're like me, you're wondering why and how our president has had to speak fourteen times after mass shootings in the United States.  Fourteen shootings.  Fourteen speeches.  Too many innocent lives lost.  If you're like me, you're wondering how this keeps happening and why we haven't woken up as a nation and affected change.
Gun control in US


14 June, 2016

Tips for International Travel

I'm back from beautiful, sunny Cancun and have touched down in gloomy, bipolar hurricane Houston!  Needless to say, our landing was a depressing one as we left paradise and landed in a flurry of raindrops and lots of thunder.

If you read my previous post, you're familiar with a few items that I took with me on my trip to Mexico.  As I was packing, I realized that it had been a while since I'd been out of the country, and I wanted to be prepared for my flight to Cancun.  The airport is guaranteed to be a pain in the butt, so here are my tips to make your international trip as seamless as possible!
Cancun Mexico Airport


08 June, 2016

Off to Mexico

Sommer Swim bikinis
Oh, the joy of packing.  How I dislike you so!  I tend to over complicate packing, and even when I strategically shop for outfits prior to a trip, I somehow find myself thinking that I don't have anything to pack when the time comes.  And by "the time", I mean the night before a trip when I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

I'm off to Mexico to spend a few relaxing days with one of my best friends, Courtney.  My passport's been dusted off from my nightstand and is ready for another stamp.  Our plans are to soak up as much sun as possible, drink good wine, indulge in great food, and to just relax!  We might try to fit in some workouts -- It's the thought that counts, right?!


07 June, 2016

Summer of Soul

Summer is finally here!  Sure, we might be getting pounded with rain in Houston, but that doesn't change the fact that it's hot as hell, daylight is longer, and we're all trying to look our best and get in shape!
SoulCycle Houston

06 June, 2016

Kona Body

Kona Body
Frank Coffee Scrub
What's a lazy Sunday without a bubble bath, exfoliating your skin, and a face mask?
Coffee body scrub
After seeing endless photos of coffee scrubs on Instagram, I wanted to try one for myself.  I had heard great claims about caffeine on the skin, and when I learned of Kona Body scrub I had to get myself some.  All of Kona Body's scrubs are natural and organic, so no fear of them breaking you out or having any sort of crazy sensitivity.  Their scrubs are safe for both the face and body and they're the perfect all-in-one scrub when your skin needs a pick-me-up.  These are also perfect to prep your skin for a fresh coat of fake tan if you're after an even bronze!
Kona Body Scrub
caffeine body scrub


02 June, 2016

Custom Enhancer Drops

Best Illuminators for Summer Sephora
FINALLY I can talk about these beauties!  I was trying so hard to keep it a secret after being behind the scenes at the Cover FX photo shoot for Custom Enhancer Drops.  Seeing the models with their glow, smothering my arm with highlight swatches, and dreaming about the looks I'd create with these for summer, I had to keep the product under wraps until now!


01 June, 2016


Best bagels breakfast in Houston
The only thing better than a toasted bagel topped with cream cheese and lox on a late Sunday morning?  Eating that bagel while reading on-point inspirational quotes...about coffee and bagels.
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