20 June, 2016

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

Moon Palace Resort Rooms
I'm already missing these views and days of pure relaxation!  It's been a week since I returned from Cancun paradise and settled back into the Houston bipolar weather. There is seriously nothing better than a worry-free vacation where your biggest concern is when your next chance to sunbathe is and what you're having for dinner.

Moon Palace welcomed me with open arms and was the perfect home for my much too quick four night vacation. I arrived to the extremely large and unbelievable gorgeous Moon Palace grounds. We stayed in the Sunrise lobby, which opened into a bright lobby surrounded by tons of different shops and restaurants. If you're looking to be where the action is but still stay in a quiet, peaceful room, Sunrise is the your best bet! With 24/7 room service, diverse restaurants, daily and nightly shows and activities, a swim-up bar, and a convenient gym, you can't go wrong. Plus, I'm convinced that heaven smells like the Sunrise lobby. I wish I recorded myself each time I returned to the lobby and blurted out, "This place smells like heaven!!".

Moon Palace Resort Suite
Our room couldn't have been more perfect: an all white, marbled suite with a gigantic bubble bath facing the ocean in each room, silver upholstered headboards, a rainfall shower, and even finished with the perfect bath products from CHI, including hair tools, shampoo, conditioner, and bubble bath. I didn't know CHI made bubble bath, but I am SO glad I was introduced to it on this trip. I'm always swooning over hotels with amazing bath products, and Moon Palace has won itself the #1 spot in my book.
Best All Inclusive Resort in Cancun
Best Resort Cancun
Moon Palace Resort
Moon Palace Resort Amenities
Moon Palace Resort
Moon Palace Resort Suite

Our suite was surrounded with more beautiful finishes than I could count. My favorite (other than the bathtub) was the bright, crystal chandeliers! This suite served as serious inspiration for my future home, and don't forget about the mattress! If I could purchase the mattress and pillows that were in our room, I'd hand over my credit card. We knocked out hard after our long days in the sun, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to climbing into these cloud-like beds.
Moon Palace Resort Sunrise
Moon Palace Resort Rooms
Moon Palace Resort Diamond Suite
Moon Palace Resort Suite
Moon Palace Resort
Moon Palace Resort Cancun Suite
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I couldn't have asked for a better first trip to Mexico.  Yes, first trip.  I'm still not sure how I made it this long living in Texas without crossing the boarder, but I finally have the stamp in my passport!


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