30 June, 2016

Natural Weekend Makeup

Today might be Thursday, but we all know it feels like a Friday.

I'm not one to wear much makeup during the weekends, and I like to let my skin breathe from wearing makeup through the week in the office.  Plus, I try to motivate myself to hit the gym or get some sun, and I think that maybe if I don't wear makeup, I'll be more inclined to sweat it out...Maybe.

If I do have plans and want to wear a bit of makeup and add some color to my face, this is usually my go to look.  I love a light, neutral brown eye with a mauve, long-lasting lip.

Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any uploads!  I'm really enjoying filming and editing these -- It's definitely a challenge, but I love teaching myself new things and it's a fun challenge to learn!

Let me know your favorite look for a summer weekend and your favorite liquid lipstick!


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