07 June, 2016

Summer of Soul

Summer is finally here!  Sure, we might be getting pounded with rain in Houston, but that doesn't change the fact that it's hot as hell, daylight is longer, and we're all trying to look our best and get in shape!
SoulCycle Houston

If you haven't heard, SoulCycle opened in the River Oaks area in Houston, and it's been poppin since they opened their doors.  The classes are all 45 minutes long and are my new favorite cardio outlet.  I've been seriously struggling to get my cardio in, and I will get bored to tears on a stationary treadmill or eliptical.  SoulCycle leaves you dripping in sweat, heart rate pumping, and is a challenge every time.  Plus, who doesn't love when cardio passes by quickly?  Also, I've never seen so many people smile during cardio.  I didn't know that was possible until taking a SoulCycle class!
SoulCycle Houston River Oaks
One of the most fun classes I've taken!  Lots of friends all taking a class for Ellevate Houston.

My first SoulCycle class was one for the books -- We ended up being live on the Today Show for Red Nose Day, and it was an amazing experience full of energy in the 6:30AM Thursday class.  I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, hydrated, and quickly got my energy up after stepping foot into the studio.
SoulCycle River Oaks Houston
It took me a couple of times to get used to the style of SoulCycle, but after some practice you'll get it down!  Just let yourself feel the beat of the music and your body will learn quickly.  Keep an open mind, give it your all, and enjoy the 45 minute workout to yourself.  With the great energy that fill the room and a group of motivated individuals, it's pretty easy to stay motivated and push yourself.  The instructors are all in fantastic shape and have amazing, fit bodies, which serves as quick motivation as well!
SoulCycle classes
SoulCycle Houston

I leave each class feeling refreshed, but I also always leave with a new song or two to add to my workout playlist!  SoulCycle knows how to make a great playlist.  If you're interested, you can checkout their playlist on Spotify here.

Don't let yourself get bored with your workouts this summer -- Switch it up, keep it exciting, and challenge yourself!  Click here to sign up for your first ride!

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