09 August, 2016

Lust List

YSL and Gucci black purse
I've realized that I spend a huge majority of my time perusing the internet for new pieces, sales, the best deals, and adding items to my cart.  I'm the classic online shopper who's a sucker for ads and anything "on sale", but I also like to think that all the time I've spent browsing online boutiques has allowed me to become a pro online shopper.  Is that a thing?  Because I'm pretty sure I'd get a gold medal.

Since I spend so much time searching, I've decided to create a new page on the blog: "Lust List".  This page will feature a handful of pieces I've seen online that I've either added to my cart, eyeing for a future purchase, or things that I'm lusting after and hope to purchase some day.  Think of this tab as me doing the dirty work: If we have similar taste, you can come check this page out and see if anything grabs your attention!

But really, online shopping and clicking through page after page, squinting over tiny icons, and searching for something specific can be a headache.  The Lust List tab is a one-stop-shop for everything I'm loving at the moment -- I'll probably come back to it myself from time to time when I'm ready to purchase!

I'll never be the girl constantly promoting pricey items or blabbing about things that I know I can't afford myself.  The majority of the pieces I feature are ones which I would add or have already added to an online shopping cart.  A few will be more luxury items that I love, but they're on the wishlist for now!

I'll be updating this page frequently, removing sold out pieces, and adding new seasonal items as we near into Fall.  Let me know your favorites + your favorite online boutique! 


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