01 August, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | My Purchases

This has been my first year blogging about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and all I can say is wow!  I've never given the sale much thought, probably because I never had much money to put towards it, but this year I was seriously in the loop with other bloggers' posts, Nordstrom email blasts, Instagram photos, etc.  There were way too many good deals that couldn't be passed up, and I had to pick up a few new pieces and staples for the Fall.

The sale ends August 7th, so add your favorites to your cart!  I'm surprised a few of these haven't sold out already!

If you missed my first #NSale post, you can read all about my favorite picks here.  I did a large sort through and chose a few great deals, and from those deals, I had to make a few purchases for myself!  And yes, I fell into the coat trap and convinced myself that I needed to buy a coat in July.  But hello, Ralph Lauren was 40% off, and I'm a wimp come December!

#NSale Purchases

I also wrote about the black suede boots here and have gotten such great feedback on them!  I couldn't resist the black, but the oxblood color is gorgeous if you're looking for a bold pair of boots.

Another piece that I grabbed was a lightweight white and blue striped button down, which I told my mom "screamed Santorini".  I think it may be sold out, so here are a few similar tops if you're searching:

I'll definitely be featuring all of these pieces in upcoming posts and all throughout the Fall season!

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