02 August, 2016

Snooze: Brunch You Don't Want to Sleep On

Snooze Houston
PSA: Snooze is officially open in H-Town!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my epic clip of chocolatey, decadent pancakes on my food account (@sisterswhogrub).  If you didn't, go look at it...now.  It'll be all the inspiration you need to head to Snooze for your next breakfast outing.
Snooze reviews Houston
Snooze Houston menu
I first heard about Snooze on a trip to Denver to visit my best friend.  Brunch was the main attraction on our schedule, and we had heard great things about Snooze, but we weren't so excited about the wait.  We didn't end up going, so when i heard that Snooze was opening in Houston, my ears perked up immediately.  I popped over first thing in the morning before work, and there was no wait at all!

Obviously, I started with a cup of coffee and scanned the menu.  Snooze has every style of Eggs Benedict you can think of, plus more.  I had to take my time on the pancake selection.  Since it was my first time in, I knew that I had to try something savory and sweet.  You know, get my protein in with my savory dish, and be a little naughty with my diet on the sweet.
Snooze Houston hours
Snooze pancakes
Eggs Benedict Snooze
I went for the breakfast burrito and my friend and I shared the pancake flight.  My advice: get the pancake flight!  You can choose 3 pancakes of your choice, including the special.  We chose the peanut butter cup, blueberry special, and chunky monkey french toast.  Hands-down the best way to start the day!
Snooze Houston
The burrito was delicious: loaded with green chile, beans, and turkey sausage, I was in breakfast heaven.  It was about the size of my head, so I couldn't finish it -- Plus, I was a little distracted with he pancakes.  My only, teeny tiny comment on the burrito is that it had too many beans which overloaded everything else.  Next time, I'm trying the breakfast tacos.

You don't want to sleep on Snooze.  Let me know if you've tried it already, and if not, look at their menu and tell me what sounds the best to you!

Brunch, anyone?  I'm ready to go again!

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