24 August, 2016

Yin Yoga and Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen Houston
My usual lunch break involves one of three things: I'm either running to an appointment or an errand, grabbing a quick bite somewhere that I probably shouldn't, or, if I'm having a good week, sitting at my desk eating a meal that I prepared at home.  If I do eat lunch at my desk, I will usually walk over to browse a shop across the street, grab a Starbucks, or do something to move my legs and get out of the terrible office lights.

I've always wondered how others manage to workout during their lunch break, and I think it all comes down to prioritizing.  Time should never be an excuse for not getting in a workout -- It's all up to how you sort out your day.  For all you motivated people that hit the gym or walk it out during lunch, I give you mad props.
Houston Yoga Heights
When I got the opportunity to take a Yin Yoga class at Yoga Collective with Snap Kitchen, I was immediately ready to get signed up.  Snap Kitchen is encouraging others to take advantage of their lunch break and take some time to decompress and get some "me" time.
Houston Yoga Studios
Megan, Tosha of Be Incredibly Well, and me!

I wore my all time favorite Lululemon Align pants (I am obsessed), but here are a few other pants that I'd sport in a yoga class:

I've been trying to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine, and I've found that I truly am happier, more flexible, and feel stronger when I'm getting in a few downward dogs.  My typical workouts are in the gym and involve weight training, and yoga is a huge key in balance for anyone who's used to lifting.

Our 1 hour Yin class at Yoga Collective was simply relaxing.  You know the feeling when you're getting a massage and you reach that one point of extreme relaxation knowing that your body is going to fall asleep?  Bottle that feeling, bring it into a yoga class, and you have this Yin class.  I hadn't tried Yin before, so it was pretty different from the other yoga classes I've taken.  Yin involves holding poses for an extended period of time (we held most poses for 2-5 minutes).  The class incorporated tons of deep stretching and utilized blocks and blankets for support.
Snap Kitchen Calories

We all know I'd be lying if I said I wasn't most excited for the post-yoga food.  Snap Kitchen provided a variety of meals, juices, and desserts for us to enjoy after the class.  Everything looked good, especially on an empty stomach, but I ended up going with the Hibiscus and Lime Tea, Garden Salad with Grilled Steal, and a brownie.  Yo, let me tell you, this brownie was amazing.  I devoured it the second I got in the car and enjoyed every last bite of fudgey goodness.
Snap Kitchen Menus
I'm looking forward to trying more meals from Snap Kitchen on days where I don't have time to make my own lunch, and I'll probably try the cookies next time too! 

What's your typical lunch break like?  And if anyone has tips for working out during lunch, leave them below!


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