27 September, 2016

Travel Adventues + The Credit Card You Need

Credit Card for Travel Points
I'm alive!  I know it's been close to forever since my last post and I definitely don't feel good about it!  Life's been busy -- between work, traveling, a new gig, and simultaneously trying to balance a social life and fit in a workout where I can, I haven't had the most time to sit down and write.  I truly applaud all of you bloggers who have mastered the craft of fitting this seamlessly into your crazy schedule!  I'm getting there, y'all!

I wanted to focus today's post on a personal goal of mine, and I know a ton of you probably have a similar goal for yourself.  I recently went to Baltimore with my boyfriend for a weekend trip, and I was doing a lot of thinking on our way there about my need for travel + my plans to make it happen.  If you read my post about credit cards, you'll know that I mentioned the United MileagePlus card + Chase Sapphire Preferred as two of my top picks.  I've been swiping the United on almost everything, and I finally got the Chase Sapphire myself after doing tons of research.

My goal for 2017 is to get to Europe: anywhere I can possibly fit in.  I'd love to visit London, France, Amsterdam, Greece, and Italy, but believe me, I'm not discriminating.  I've never crossed the Atlantic, and there's never a better time than the present.  2017 will have to be my present to give me some time to save and utilize vacation days, though!

I decided to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card for a few reasons:

12 September, 2016

How To Get A Better Night's Sleep

how to get better sleep
Happy Monday everyone!  I wish we could bottle up the mood on a Sunday morning and just keep it forever!

I think we all struggle to find the answer to a perfect night's sleep.  I've been struggling a bit lately with sleeping through the night and have been trying different tips and switching things up to try and catch a few extra Zs through the evening.  There are so many factors that go into a good night's rest, but here are a handful of my tips that have worked wonders for me:


06 September, 2016

August Favorites

And just like that, summer's come to an end.  I still sometimes forget that I'm a working woman now and don't get a summer break.  Why can't we all be off from June-August?  I hate seeing summer come to an end, but I won't miss the unbearable heat, boot season, and...Christmas time!  Is it too early to start talking about that?

I wanted to share a few things that I loved through the month of August.  Most of these will transition as a favorite into Fall, but I love creating monthly round-ups!  Here's a compilation of my favorite items and places over the past month:

The Counter: Obsessed.  Trey and I go here at least once a week and sit at the bar (the "counter).  It's close to home but also has the best burger.  I always go for the 1/3 pound with Gruyere, greens, and red onions.  We usually split a large order of Parmesan Garlic fries too.  And if you're really feeling fancy, try a milkshake.  If you go as much as we do, sign up for the Counter Card to receive points.  Yes, there's a card, and we use it every time!
Juice Land: This is the best smoothie and juice bar that also serves fresh wraps and sandwiches!  It's located inside of Black Swan Yoga which is also a great place for hot yoga + it doesn't require a membership.  I always go for the Moon Tower here which has almond milk, dates, banana, cacao, and brown rice protein.
Defy Pilates: Defy kicks my butt every time, but I love it!  Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great Pilates studio, great instructors, and classes that won't break the bank.  The Humpday Jumpday class on Wednesday is the best calorie burner and has me sore for days.  If you're a first-timer, take advantage of their intro offer!
Pilates in Houston
Bronze Bar: I'm new to the spray tan game, but I loved my experience at Bronze Bar.  It's an airbrush tan and is customizable to how dark you want to go.  I went on a Tuesday for 'Tan Tuesday', and my tan was $25.  Not orange at all and is a gorgeous, rich bronze.
Azur West: I've been looking for a great, central hair salon for a few months and finally checked this place out.  They nailed my cut and color and were extremely meticulous through the whole process.  They took my hair from a brassy, dry texture to a healthy, rich dark brown with zero warmth, which is exactly what I wanted!  If you're looking for a new salon, check them out -- I highly recommend Adrianna!

And for my favorite things throughout August, shop the below:


02 September, 2016

01 September, 2016

Why All Bloggers Should Be Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories
So, I admit, I'm very late to the game.  I tried to be the cool girl who had the latest version of Instagram updated when Instagram Stories releases, but of course my update didn't seem to be working.  For a moment I thought that maybe the 500+ people I followed just weren't uploading stories since I couldn't see anything.  Turns out, I just needed to delete and re-install the app.  I swear, for someone who's fairly computer-literate and on one almost all day, I have my serious newb moments.

A few weeks back, when I finally got my Instagram update to work, I realized just how many people were utilizing Instagram Stories.  I follow a variety of people on Instagram, from friends, to designers, to bloggers, to a few celebs.  I don't care nor have time (or battery) to follow all of these people on Snapchat, so seeing some of their quick clips was fun!

Chances are, if you're a blogger, you're already on your Instagram Story game.  But if you're like me and either were late to the game or doubted the latest and greatest Social Media, keep reading.

You can follow me on Instagram (and check out my occasional story) here!  If you're a total newb, you can view someone's story by clicking on their main picture (it will be flashing a purple-ish border if they have one).
Fashion Blogger Instagram

Reasons to Stay Active on Instagram Stories

Do the math: I'd say about 85-90% of my Snapchat followers came from Instagram.  The others are just family and friends, but the majority were already following me on Instagram.  My reach on Instagram is larger than Snapchat, and I think this holds true for most social influencers.  Most users have 1/10 followers on Snapchat than Instagram.  So, you're reaching a much larger crowd by posting to Instagram Stories!
Evolve:  Yes, it can be a bit frustrating having a new and improved social media app or platform promoted what seems like every day.  But, part of growing a brand and staying in-the-know is evolving with new platforms that launch.  I had the same hang-ups when Snapchat first launched, and here I am posting photos daily with the puppy filter.
Storage: Snapchat takes up tons of storage and battery on my phone.  I've had to delete the app at times just to be able to take photos, but I won't be deleting trusty IG anytime soon.  Instagram doesn't use up battery even close to the way Snapchat does, so save your followers the hassle.
Widen your reach: You know you've gone on a little Instagram stalking spree.  Think about the number of people who may come across your profile, notice you have a story, watch it, and could be prompted to follow or engage.  It's another way to interact on a more personal basis instead of just a simple photo.

What do you think about Instagram Stories, and what's your favorite thing?  Have you found it beneficial to your blog at all?  Leave any feedback and thoughts below!

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