29 September, 2016

Travel Diaries: DMV

Philadelphia Art Museum Rocky
This post is a little overdue, but the past is the past!  I had to do a recap of our recent trip to the DMV and our successful 4-hour trip to Philly.  We saw (almost) everything on our list and grubbed on the best cheese steak I've ever had!

Our DMV trip was a quick weekend stay, but sometimes those are the best trips and ensure that you get out and get stuff done!  We landed Friday night and stayed in Baltimore, and we didn't let a late flight stop us from setting an early alarm Saturday morning. 

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and decided to do an impromptu trip to Philadelphia.  Trey and I recently watched the entire Rocky series, and we've always talked about going to Philly for a cheese steak and some sightseeing.  Our priority was seeing the Rocky statue, running up the steps at the Philly art museum, and grabbing a cheese steak.  We managed to accomplish everything, and it was so fun to see others doing the same thing.  Also, let's just appreciate the fact that Creed and Michael B. Jordan officially made Rocky a date night-appropriate movie.
Rocky Statue Philadelphia
Philadelphia Art Museum
Philadelphia Art Museum
After running up the steps a few times (and jumping up and down and shadowboxing at the top), we were ready for a cheese steak.  I know there's an ongoing Pat's vs. Geno's rivalry, and we chose Pat's for our first time and a more casual setting.

We prepped ourselves before ordering at the window, and I laughed because I felt weirdly intimidated trying to order a cheese steak at this cash-only window.  They expect you to know what you want, use their lingo, and be ready to roll when they immediately slide your sandwich over. 
Pat's Cheesesteak Philadelphia
Three sandwiches, orders of fries, and a coke later (there's something about a fresh, fountain coke that is SO good), we hurried back to Baltimore.  Driving on the East coast is so beautiful, not to mention night and day from the crazy Houston drivers.  Who knew people liked to give others space and drive with patience and caution?!

Sunday we went to the Redskins vs. Cowboys game and had the best time.  I was so pumped to attend this game, and it was an amazing experience to sit with so many passionate, energetic fans in FedEx Field.  I managed to get a good tan too while watching the game -- It was HOT and the sun was not forgiving.

Patches is a Redskins fan too!
Redskins Hat
We had such a great weekend, and I'm already wanting to plan a trip back to see everything we missed!  ...and get another cheese steak!

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