04 October, 2016

Fall Sweaters

Blush Sweater
Fall is here, and I'm already browsing the internet for new sweaters.  I've always had a boot obsession, but my brain now likes to focus on the perfect, soft, Fall-appropriate sweater.  There's something so satisfying about finding an amazing, cozy sweater, and I'm always gravitating towards neutral colors.  And the occasional olive green...that's a neutral in my book.

I recently stopped in H&M the other day and was so impressed by their sweaters!  I didn't have time to browse and try them on, so I went online and rounded up a few of my favorite picks to share.  Most of these are in the $20-$30 range, with the exception of a gorgeous cashmere sweater thrown into the mix.  I did pick up the camel colored turtle neck and LOVE it!

These are all colors that I opt for in the Fall, and it looks like blush tones, beige, and tans are in everyone's shopping cart as well!

Also, are you all excited to see the H&M x Kenzo collab?  They've seriously stepped up their game lately, and I'm still so glad that we have an H&M at the Galleria here in Houston (And why am I just now finding out that we have one in City Centre as well?!).  Who do you all think H&M will work with next?!

Let me know your favorite place to shop for sweaters this fall, and leave your guesses for the next H&M collab in the comments as well!


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    1. Thank you, Darlene! I seriously love all of these! Hard to just pick a few!


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