29 November, 2016

Stay Fresh In The Bathroom

bath and body works sale
This might be an obvious statement, but I can't stand when my bathroom smells like crap.  But I do love when people comment on how great my room (especially my bathroom) smells.  Why is that one of the best compliments?!

I share my bathroom with my boo, so needless to say, things can get pretty stinky from time to time.  I do everything I can to keep the place smelling fresh, girly, and like I just washed my hair or spritzed my favorite Jimmy Choo perfume.

So what's the trick? Wallflowers.  Plug-ins.  Whatever you want to call them.
bath and body works candles
Bath and Body Works Wallflowers
Seriously, these are such a powerful trick, and they give your room/bathroom a cute touch too.  When Bath and Body Works was having a $3 refill sale the other day, I made out hot.  I ordered about seven different scents and two plugs.  They have festive plugs, but I'm basic and wanted something pretty, so I went for a gold mirrored one and a champagne colored one.

I put one in my bathroom and have burned through the Lavender Vanilla + Smoked Vanilla.  The lavender's been my favorite so far, but the smoked vanilla has a nice winter-y touch that my entire family loved over the Thanksgiving holiday.  ...Keep in mind that this time, I was sharing the bathroom with a handful of boys.  The wallflowers still came through.

I know we all are in a serious relationship with candles, and tons of y'all are probably so hooked to your Bath and Body Works 3-wicks that the idea of a wallflower (gasp) sends you for a ride.  But trust me, try it.  I love a good candle and will always have one on deck, but I've had better results from a plug-in, and they'll save you lots of $$ in the long run!

Have you tried wallflowers, and if so, do you like them better than candles?  What're your favorite scents?


28 November, 2016

And Just Like That It's Cyber Monday

cyber monday sales
Well, Thanksgiving flew by.  I hate when a holiday comes to an end, family has to go back home, and reality starts to set in about how much you ate and how lazy you've been (that's for another post).  But really, I always look forward to Thanksgiving and having quality time with the fam.

On the bright side, it's not just any Monday: it's cyber Monday.  To be completely honest, I'm not sure why Black Friday is still a thing.  You couldn't pay me to rush to the malls to be around angry, pissed off people hitting each other over a TV.  K, maybe you could pay me if it was enough, but you know what I'm saying.  It's not worth it, and I'd much rather park my ass on the couch with a piece of pie, glass of wine, and have my family around.

I've seen handfuls of blog posts throughout the past week with links, sales, and products you need.  Personally, I didn't want to push shopping and spending money on anyone last week.  I intended this blog to be more inspirational and helpful, but I figured a sale roundup for today wouldn't hurt anyone.

I'm going to keep it real simple here.  If you're wanting to treat yo'self, get started on your Christmas shopping, or just have the shopping bug, here's a list of some amazing deals you won't want to pass up today:

ASOS: 20% off with code GOGOGO
BaubleBar: Up to 35% off with code SAVE35
Express: 50% off + free shipping (they have amazing sweaters right now)
Forever 21: Extra 30% off sale items with code EXTRA30
Free People: Extra 50% off sale items (I snagged this dress on Black Friday and am in love)
GiGi NY: Up to 35% off
Kendra Scott: 20% off with code SALE20
Levis: 60% off tees + 40% off everything with code HOLIDAY40
Missguided: 50% off with code YESYESYES
Nastygal: Up to 80% off
Nordstrom: Extra 20% off sale items
Old Navy: 40% off everything + extra 15% off with code PERK
Rebecca Minkoff: 25% off orders $100+
Shopbop: Up to 25% off with code GOBIG16
Sole Society: 30% off
Steve Madden: 35% off with code CYBER

Let me know if you end up ordering anything, and if there's a huge sale that I didn't list, let me know!  I know there are a million sales out on the internet, but these are places I'd actually purchase from (or already have).  Happy shopping...stay in your budget!



22 November, 2016

24 Hours In The Windy City

What do you get when you put a Texan in Chicago for 24 hours?  Oh, this isn't a riddle.  It's simple.  A lot of pizza, a quick trip to the bean, and a major hangover.  And an awesome work holiday party!
Chicago Bean
I flew out to Chicago for a quick trip thanks to my new job!  A holiday party in November is a smart move when it'll take place in the windy city.  Us Texans don't have a coat of that caliber, so it was nice to be there on a day that didn't even require a leather jacket.  Score.

Of course the first item on my to-do list was to grab a slice (or five) when I landed.  One of my best friends, Emily, lives in Chicago, so she took the train to grab lunch with me. After tons of recommendations from you all, we ended up at Gino's East (Southloop location).  ...I have no words.  

K I guess I do: It was damn amazing.  But a tip: I wouldn't go for the deep dish!  I know, some of you probably want to slap me, but I don't care.  My ideal pizza is a normal, crispy crust with lots of flavor, sauce, and cheese.  They hit the nail on the head -- We got a large Diavola: spicy pepperoni, plum tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and white truffle oil.  I'm a sucker for anything with truffle oil.

Also, shoutout to our waiter who looked exactly like Jeremy Renner.  Like, uncanny.  Go see him.

If you follow me on Snap (@corischerer), you saw some of this cheesy goodness.  We were completely stuffed by the end and took a quick walk to the Bean to de-bloat.
Chicago Illinois
Trump Tower Chicago
Houston Blogger
There's something so exciting about being able to walk in a city.  I kept saying that Chicago instantly felt like home, and I've always felt more "me" in a walkable, hustle-mentality city.  I was on a good pizza high on our walk to the Bean while we walked over the bridge.  

We took our pictures at the Bean (because did you even visit Chicago if you don't do this?), and headed back to the hotel.  I had to quickly get party-ready and head to our Chicago office, so I struggled to squeeze my bloated self into a tight, turtleneck bodysuit, snap it (almost impossible), and I was on my way.
Chicago Bean Pictures
Chicago Bean
Our company party was at Honey's, and I don't think I could have had a better time.  We had the best DJ, Jay Il (HIGHLY recommend him if you're never satisfied when you go out and want the perfect R&B, Soul & Hip-hop playlist), a ton of tasty cheeses, and some bomb cocktails that nearly put me out of commission.  
Ten35 Chicago
Best cocktail names
Ok, but how perfect were the names of the cocktails?  

Before our flight back we brunched hard at Yolk.  I got the Eggs Benedict with Chorizo + some Nutella Crepes, because how are you supposed to choose one?
Yolk Chicago
I'm already looking forward to my next trip to Chicago.  I'm a big baby with cold weather, so we'll have to see how I hold up.

Have you been to Chicago?  What's your one recommendation for food/a rooftop bar?  Let me know!



21 November, 2016

My Jiu-jitsu Journey: Month 1

I mentioned in my October recap that one of the more recent developments in my life was that I had embarked on my new journey with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or BJJ.  If you're unfamiliar with the Martial Arts (I had little idea what BJJ was before I started), you might be wondering what on earth it is.
Jiu Jitsu Houston
BJJ is known as "the gentle art".  There are no punches thrown, no weapons used, and no bitch slaps: it's the art of manipulating your opponent's force against them self.  Before taking my first class, I had only watched YouTube videos and seen others' photos of themselves rolling on the mats.  To put it lightly, I was intimidated.  My first day was October 20.  I've gotten my ass beat more times than I can count between that day and now.  You know, like to the point where you can't breathe but you don't want to cry, so your body just starts making these weird, child-like noises and you just have to learn to control it?  ...Someone can relate.

And that right there is one of the reasons I enrolled in Pablo Silva Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy and started my journey.  Why was I intimidated?  I was afraid.  Not only of trying BJJ, but of so many other things in life.  Too often we let fear consume our minds, bodies, and souls, and it can be so inhibiting towards our overall growth.  Starting a new sport is always humbling: You come in as fresh meat, and no matter your age, there will automatically be people who are better than you.  You're forced to put any pride aside and simply focus on learning something new.
benefits of jiu jitsu
As it stands now, my main goal is not to become a Jiujitsu expert.  I am excited to learn how to use my body's strength for something new, develop new skills, and push myself to new limits (after being in a crazy gym funk).  BJJ will get you in amazing shape -- You use every single muscle in your body to support yourself and manipulate your opponent.  I can't explain how much you sweat within a one-hour session...Picture hot yoga, but instead of minimal clothing you're wearing a long-sleeved robe and pants over your clothing.  I'll have to post a post-class picture to show you what I mean.

More importantly, my goals are focused on mental strength.  Being thrown into extremely uncomfortable situations, doubting myself, and being forced to deal with them both on the spot teaches you more than just moves on the mat.  It all carries over into your everyday life, your job, your confidence, and does so much for relieving stress and anxiety.  I am constantly finding myself anxious, dwelling on trivial situations, and unable to let the little things go.
women Jiu Jitsu
Here are a few things I've learned during the first month:

  • Working out in the gym and lifting weights is empowering and cleansing, but it doesn't even begin to show you your body's true strength and potential.
  • Mind over matter is as true as it gets.  When shit gets tough, your mind can either do wonders for you or paralyze you.
  • Sometimes taking a few deep breaths is all you can do, and you'd be surprised at how much calmer your body feels after.
  • Going into a situation full of fear only causes anxiety and worsens your performance.  Go into the same situation fearless and be amazed at how much you learn, even if your performance isn't perfect.
  • It's OK to have no idea what you're doing as long as you continue to remain open-minded and absorb the knowledge being thrown at you.
  • Stop worrying about looking stupid.  Everyone has been in your shoes at some point, and you cannot compare step 1 of your journey to someone else's step 100.
  • Pain is temporary.  Choose your battles and know that our greatest growth often comes from the most uncomfortable situations.
Keep in mind that everything I've taken away from Jiujitsu so far applies to everything in life.  You probably read a few of those bullets and related the back to something, whether it is your family life, your job, your friendships, or a class you're taking.

I'm so excited to continue my journey, share it with you all, and see where it takes both my mind and body.  

Let me know the one thing you've done that was a little uncomfortable.



15 November, 2016

Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

Best anti aging products silk pillowcase
I'm just gonna apologize now for the money you're about to want to spend.  So, I'm sorry.  I warned you...continue reading at your own risk.  But honestly, the majority of these are so affordable and can be found at the drugstore.  My favorite is the one that's just a bit heavier on the wallet.

While having a self-love/pamper day the other day, I was thinking about how much I loved all of these products, and how I didn't start using most of these until very recently.  I try to love on my skin and hair at least once a week, and I thought this would be a fusion between my pampering routine/favorite beauty products rolled into one.

Let's start with the affordable favorites.

Collagen Eye Pads: You've probably seen some version of these all over social media.  There are a ton of different brands and price ranges to choose from, but I've only tried the cheap ones and I'm not complaining.  Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential mentioned these as a favorite, and I immediately added them to my Amazon cart.  I've been pretty impressed and love wearing them for 10-15 minutes in the mornings when I need to de-puff.  Or during that time of the month when you burst into tears for absolutely no reason and then realize that your eyes look like you're allergic to shell fish.
collagen eye masks
Oh, and did I mention that they are only $5.99?

Lush Mask: A must-have for a DIY spa day.  It's easy to get sucked into the black hole of Lush and feel like you want everything in the store, so I'm here to tell you that the Mask of Magnamity is a good start.  It does everything I look for in a mask: unclog pores, balance the skin, and feels cool to the touch.  Plus it smells like fruity pebbles.
Lush Mask of Magnamity
Coconut Oil: Duh.  I lather myself up in this pretty much all the time, but I always make sure to do it when I'm having my at-home spa day.  I use it head to toe, and there's just something about that fresh coconut oil glow.  Right now I'm using one from Trader Joe's, but any brand works.  Just go for an organic and unrefined version.
coconut oil for body
Dry Brush:  Here's a product I knew nothing about until recently.  I usually forget this step everyday, but I do it as a little treat to myself.  Start from your toes and brush upwards in small circular motions.  Move up to your chest, and you always want to brush towards your heart.  This helps circulation, cellulite, and your skin tone.  I always feel extra glowy after drybrushing and putting on coconut oil.
dry brush cellulite
Face Peel: There's nothing like a facial, but this comes pretty damn close.  This Lemon Strip Flash peel does wonders for pores.  In case you can't tell, my pores have been my main issue lately.  Breakouts have been mild, but these dang pores look like craters when oily (thanks, mom).  This peel tightens them up instantly and makes you look like you've had a minor face lift.  It's 20% AHA, so it's powerful enough to dissolve the dead skin cells and get the gorgeous, healthy cells to the surface.
Peel Mask at home
Silk Pillowcase: K, ya'll.  This pillowcase is the real reason I wrote this post.  Any facialist, dermatologist, and hairdresser will vouch for me here.  There's nothing like sleeping on a quality, silk pillowcase at night.  Good products are key, but investing in a silk pillowcase ensures that you won't wake up with sleep lines, a rats nest, and will keep wrinkles at bay for longer than you think.
silk pillowcase
slip silk pillowcase
Trust me, you'll thank me later.  This pillowcase seriously makes me excited to go to bed.  Not that I needed another reason, but I get all giddy to lay down.  Plus, how freaking gorgeous is this taupe color?  It comes in a few colors, so if taupe isn't your thing, no worries.  I love the black silk too!  If you need a king size, check here!

And, that's it!  My cabinet's stocked with tons of other crap, but these would win a medal if that was a thing.  Let me know if you've tried any or if you'll be picking something up!




14 November, 2016

Sproing Sport

HIIT workout Houston Sproing
How can you say no to a fitness studio who promotes "the most intense 45 minutes you will have with your clothes on"?  I'll try almost anything if I see a little cheeky marketing!

I'm a huge advocate for HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Not only is it effective for your heart rate and calorie burning, but it's the perfect workout for everyone like me who can't stand cardio.  The days of running for 30 minutes on the treadmill are long gone.  Not like I ever did that consistently, but you know what what I'm saying.
Sproing River Oaks
I got my butt up early (9AM) on Sunday morning to try a class at Sproing.  The struggle is real when waking up on a Sunday, so kudos to you all who squeeze in a quality morning workout!  I invited a group to sweat their ass off with me, and we got hooked up to our Sproing Trainer and got a feel for the thing.
Best fitness studio Houston
Imagine a bosu ball style treadmill with cross cables, and you have a Sproing Trainer.  The base looks like a treadmill belt, and you have two sets of cables: one behind you and one to your sides.  You're strapped across your waist/hip area with a velcro belt, and a small heart monitor is strapped underneath your sports bra.  Or, for all you guys out there, under your nice muscular chest.

The class started with a 15 minute warmup which felt like a full-fledged workout.  Sprints on sprints on sprints.  It takes a couple minutes to adjust to the style of the workout, but the sprints came naturally!  You're essentially using the resistance of the velcro band throughout the entire class to sprint, squat and lunge.  Upper body movements are incorporated in the workout with cable extensions and medicine ball work.
Sproing River Oaks Houston
By the end of the workout, I was ready to smash at brunch, and I was completely covered in sweat.  We ended the class with a few sets of abs, and time was up!  I love a solid 45 minute workout where you feel like you've covered all your bases.

Houston (and Chicago) peeps, go give Sproing a try!  If you're not a fan of the treadmill, want something lighter on your joints, and want to try something brand new, you'll enjoy the classes!  You can register for a free week here, and mention my name/this blog post if you head over there!

06 November, 2016

Sephora VIB Sale

Brace yourselves, y'all.  ...I'm back!  We'll talk about that more this week!  But the real news: The Sephora VIB Rouge sale has already begun and ends Monday, 11/17 at 11:59 PM PT.  If you're VIB Rouge like myself, you might wear this "badge of honor" with a little shame.  I can't help but think "DAMN, I really spent that much at Sephora?!".  If you're not Rouge, don't sweat.  All VIB members will be able to shop the sale November 11th-14th.


Pro tip: Sign up for Ebates if you haven't already and earn 4% off your entire purchase at Sephora!  There's a million other retailers on here too -- You'll thank me later.  Just make sure to go through Ebates before you start shopping online!
Sepora Sale Promo Code

This is the perfect time to buy yourself that one thing that's been on your wish list forever, holiday gifts, and birthday presents.  I've been eyeing the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for months but wouldn't let myself give in until I cleaned out my makeup junkyard.  I finally purchased it in shade 5 and will update you all!  I also got a Laura Mercier Bronzer, an HG of mine.

If you're looking for some gift ideas and want to snag them at 20% off, I gotchu.  To me, the sale is the perfect time to stock up on any staples or higher-end items that you've been putting off.

Here are a few of my top picks:

Let me know if what you picked up or what's on your list!  I'll be writing more soon with a few updates and new content.
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