14 November, 2016

Sproing Sport

HIIT workout Houston Sproing
How can you say no to a fitness studio who promotes "the most intense 45 minutes you will have with your clothes on"?  I'll try almost anything if I see a little cheeky marketing!

I'm a huge advocate for HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Not only is it effective for your heart rate and calorie burning, but it's the perfect workout for everyone like me who can't stand cardio.  The days of running for 30 minutes on the treadmill are long gone.  Not like I ever did that consistently, but you know what what I'm saying.
Sproing River Oaks
I got my butt up early (9AM) on Sunday morning to try a class at Sproing.  The struggle is real when waking up on a Sunday, so kudos to you all who squeeze in a quality morning workout!  I invited a group to sweat their ass off with me, and we got hooked up to our Sproing Trainer and got a feel for the thing.
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Imagine a bosu ball style treadmill with cross cables, and you have a Sproing Trainer.  The base looks like a treadmill belt, and you have two sets of cables: one behind you and one to your sides.  You're strapped across your waist/hip area with a velcro belt, and a small heart monitor is strapped underneath your sports bra.  Or, for all you guys out there, under your nice muscular chest.

The class started with a 15 minute warmup which felt like a full-fledged workout.  Sprints on sprints on sprints.  It takes a couple minutes to adjust to the style of the workout, but the sprints came naturally!  You're essentially using the resistance of the velcro band throughout the entire class to sprint, squat and lunge.  Upper body movements are incorporated in the workout with cable extensions and medicine ball work.
Sproing River Oaks Houston
By the end of the workout, I was ready to smash at brunch, and I was completely covered in sweat.  We ended the class with a few sets of abs, and time was up!  I love a solid 45 minute workout where you feel like you've covered all your bases.

Houston (and Chicago) peeps, go give Sproing a try!  If you're not a fan of the treadmill, want something lighter on your joints, and want to try something brand new, you'll enjoy the classes!  You can register for a free week here, and mention my name/this blog post if you head over there!

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