29 November, 2016

Stay Fresh In The Bathroom

bath and body works sale
This might be an obvious statement, but I can't stand when my bathroom smells like crap.  But I do love when people comment on how great my room (especially my bathroom) smells.  Why is that one of the best compliments?!

I share my bathroom with my boo, so needless to say, things can get pretty stinky from time to time.  I do everything I can to keep the place smelling fresh, girly, and like I just washed my hair or spritzed my favorite Jimmy Choo perfume.

So what's the trick? Wallflowers.  Plug-ins.  Whatever you want to call them.
bath and body works candles
Bath and Body Works Wallflowers
Seriously, these are such a powerful trick, and they give your room/bathroom a cute touch too.  When Bath and Body Works was having a $3 refill sale the other day, I made out hot.  I ordered about seven different scents and two plugs.  They have festive plugs, but I'm basic and wanted something pretty, so I went for a gold mirrored one and a champagne colored one.

I put one in my bathroom and have burned through the Lavender Vanilla + Smoked Vanilla.  The lavender's been my favorite so far, but the smoked vanilla has a nice winter-y touch that my entire family loved over the Thanksgiving holiday.  ...Keep in mind that this time, I was sharing the bathroom with a handful of boys.  The wallflowers still came through.

I know we all are in a serious relationship with candles, and tons of y'all are probably so hooked to your Bath and Body Works 3-wicks that the idea of a wallflower (gasp) sends you for a ride.  But trust me, try it.  I love a good candle and will always have one on deck, but I've had better results from a plug-in, and they'll save you lots of $$ in the long run!

Have you tried wallflowers, and if so, do you like them better than candles?  What're your favorite scents?


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