06 December, 2016

What to Get the Fitness Junkie

gift for fitness women
This has to be my favorite type of gift guide in any series.  There's just something about getting that perfect gift, especially one that encourages you to get off your ass during the holiday season.  You know, when all you want to do is hibernate and pack on the lbs.

If you have a fitness junkie like myself on your shopping list, take a look at some of these gifts.  I can almost guarantee that they'll love any of these.

A lot of these gifts are things that I always have in my cart but never actually buy myself, don't want to treat myself to, or things that I just simply forget to buy.  Or they go missing...like socks.

Headphones: So yeah, I threw my wireless beats in the wash not too long ago and am struggling without them.  I can't say enough about wireless headphones when it comes to my workout.  If you're shopping for someone who doesn't have a pair or is in the market for some new ones, these are perfect.  They're good quality, bluetooth, and they're rose gold.

Gym Bag: A new gym bag is sometimes all it takes to renew your motivation.  Plus, they get grimy and smelly pretty quickly.  I love having a cute gym bag that makes me want to go to the gym.  This one by Nike is simple, affordable, and comes in a few different colors.

Swanky Spandex:  Again, something that can spruce up your workout.  These will definitely make any girl want to go to the gym (and get on her squat game).  ...Yes, I ordered them for myself already.

Dry Shampoo:  You might not have thought of this one...but believe me, we need it.  This makes a perfect stocking-stuffer for any woman, but especially those of us who hit the gym and can't be bothered to wash our hair everyday.  This Pantene dry shampoo is amazing and gentle on the wallet!

Bluetooth Speaker: Take this to the gym or use it for an at-home workout.  Or a girls night in with wine.  Or a dance party in your room.  I've used it for all of the above, and it's seriously such an amazing speaker.  It gets pretty damn loud, and I promise you'll be impressed.  I have the grey color but love the black too.

Foam Roller: I never bought one of these for myself, and the day my boyfriend came home with one I was like "THANK GOD".  These are crucial to anyone putting stress on their muscles.  These can stay at home or can get thrown into a gym bag.

Yoga Mat:  I'm always looking at yoga mats while I'm out shopping.  I don't know why, but it's just a weird guilty pleasure of mine.  Get your girl a staple yoga mat for hot yoga, stretching, and any at-home workout.  

Cute Sports Bra: I love this mesh bra.  Oh, and it's under $15.  Forever 21 has some amazing active wear that is half the price of other brands but just as cute.

Swell Water Bottle:  I always talk about these...and for good reasons.  They're the best.  They keep your water cold for hours (or your coffee hot).  I take mine to the gym, Soulcycle, jiu-jitsu, and just love the patterns.  This white/lavender one is my favorite!

This list could go on and on, but these are some of my staple picks!

Are you a fitness junkie yourself, or are you shopping for one this season?  Let me know if you add any of these to your list!




05 December, 2016

Gifts For Women Who Love The Little Things

best christmas gifts for women
Tis the season to spend some serious cash.  If you're making your list for your best friend, sister, mom, mother-in-law, or any female at all, I got you.

I really don't think women are all that hard to buy gifts for.  I mean, if you're dealing with the girl who has everything and poopoos on all the gifts you get her, she probably sucks, but she's also might be more difficult to shop for.

If you're buying for a woman who appreciates the little things, you're in the right place.  These gifts won't break the bank (some are more inexpensive than others), and chances are most women will really appreciate them.  I find that some of the best gifts are things that we usually don't want to buy ourselves or little "extra" things.

Note that most of these aren't style specific:  I like to focus on the basics that most women will wear.  If not, there's always a gift receipt!

I went into detail about this silk pillowcase here.  If I had to pick one item from this list for a gift, it's this.  I bought it for my best friend for her birthday and she was psyched.  It's one of those things that we add to our carts, stare at, but don't want to buy for ourselves!

My picks:

Happy shopping!  Let me know if you're lusting after any of these picks.


02 December, 2016

Job Searching While Employed

Yup, I went there.

The idea of searching for a job while employed makes some people shake in their boots.  But you might be shaking a little harder if you didn't have a job or any source of income while under the stress of finding your next gig.
how to look for a new job at work
Chances are you or someone you know has been in the position of looking for a new job while employed (or one of you has another tab open right now with job openings).  I've been there.  It blows.

Here are a few tips that I adopted when looking for a job -- At least one will help you!
tips for finding a new job
Network, network, network: I was going to start these tips with something about applying online, but in my humble opinion, and all honesty, this is the most important.  Network your ass off.  At restaurants, coffee shops, in line at the post office, and at a bar.  Talk to anyone and everyone.  Be yourself and friendly, but simply sparking a conversation with a stranger in your path can open so many doors.  You never know when you'll meet someone in a field you're interested, or their friends' friend's cousin can help you.

Have your resume on deck:  Before you start your job search, clean up your resume.  If you're in your 20s, try to condense it to one page even if you have great experience.  Tailor your resume to the position(s) you're going after.  Nobody needs to know that you know how to work a cash register (I had this on my resume for over a year).  Keep your bullet points specific, unique, and relevant to your search.  I highly recommend designing your resume in Google Docs if you haven't tried it.  It gives you much more creative freedom.  I googled a ton of resume templates and then just copied one.  Best of all, it's free.

Set time aside:  You can't be scrolling through job boards all day at work.  Give yourself at least an hour each day that works with your schedule: mornings, around lunch, or after work to search through job openings, send emails, etc.

Subscribe to job notification emails: This does half the work for you.  Subscribe to alerts for the field/type of job you're interested in, and a list will be delivered to your inbox every morning.  You can scroll through and see if anything stands out to you, flag it, and look into it further later.  If not, delete the email and keep workin'.

Don't waste any body's time:  Your own and your potential employer.  You don't really have time to waste if you're trying to juggle a job search with a full-time job, so refine your search.  Only apply to jobs that you truly feel would be a good fit or up your alley.  Believe me, I know desperation will make you feel like you need to send your resume to any company who's hiring, but don't do that.  You can if you really just need to jump ship, but I recommend keeping your applications to those who really speak to you.

Don't be blatant about your search: When you start getting some call backs, you'll need to schedule in-person interviews.  Again, don't waste any body's time.  If you have a job, ask as many questions as appropriate to the interviewer before you go in-person.  Often times something will rule itself out before you even step foot into an office.  If you do schedule in-person interviews, try to take a personal day off to check everything off in one day.  If you can't, use your lunch hour wisely.

Hope at least one of these tips helps any of you on the hunt!  Hang in there...I promise you'll end up where you need to be!  Stay persistent yet patient.

If you've been in these shoes, what was the one thing that helped you?  Share!

Let me know if you'd like me to go further into designing/creating a resume -- I'd be happy to.



01 December, 2016

November Recap

Cori Scherer Houston
Time for the Thanksgiving bloat to go buh-bye.  Y'all, it's December.  Christmas is coming faster than we expected, and somehow it's still hot enough to sport a tank-top here in Houston.

November flew by and was packed full of new opportunities, a little travel, and lots of family time.

First thing's first, I started my new job with a PR agency, and I've been learning the ropes and adjusting to a new place.  Let me tell you all (in case you aren't already aware): Office environment and the people are everything.  If you're currently on the hunt for a new job, feel like something's missing, or just want to know what I think the most important thing is, it's that.

I hit up my first outdoor yoga class with Black Swan at Raven Tower.  If you haven't tried it, definitely make it out for the next one -- They offer free yoga at Raven Tower on the first Sunday of every month!
Black Swan Yoga Houston
How cool was this skull planter?  I want one!

I had the opportunity to see Adele in concert and it was amazing.  I can't even explain how personable and hilarious she is.  I was sitting there feeling like I was having a conversation with my best friend, laughing at her jokes and everything, and then realized that all the other 20,000 people felt the same way.  Pure talent.
Houston Rockets dancers
Huge shoutout to my gig at the Houston Rockets for the ticket hookup!

Staying active...I also tried out my first class at Sproing in River Oaks.  Damn, I get tired just thinking about the HIIT workout we did.  You can read more about my post here (plus see how you can get a free week of classes).
HIIT workouts
I traveled to Chicago for the first time, ate bomb ass pizza, visited the bean, and had a massive hangover.  More on that here.
American Airlines Chicago
best pizza in Chicago
Thanksgiving was the best.  My aunt, who's like my best friend, came in town with her boys who are pretty much my little brothers.  We basically had a week-long family sleepover (literally, it was a full, over-booked house), and I loved every minute of it!
Houston Galleria Ice Skating
Houston Blogger
We spent tons of quality family time together, played annoying games of Monopoly (it never ends), took my aunt to her first SoulCycle class, and somehow ventured to the Galleria late on Black Friday for some shopping and ice skating.
Soul Cycle Houston
To close out the Thanksgiving break, we had dinner at Ibiza, which let me tell you has one of the BEST desserts in Houston.  Trust me, next time you eat there, order the hazelnut brownie -- You won't be disappointed.
Housotn fitness blogger
How was your November?  Let me know if you ate anything amazing or grabbed some good steals on sale!

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