05 December, 2016

Gifts For Women Who Love The Little Things

best christmas gifts for women
Tis the season to spend some serious cash.  If you're making your list for your best friend, sister, mom, mother-in-law, or any female at all, I got you.

I really don't think women are all that hard to buy gifts for.  I mean, if you're dealing with the girl who has everything and poopoos on all the gifts you get her, she probably sucks, but she's also might be more difficult to shop for.

If you're buying for a woman who appreciates the little things, you're in the right place.  These gifts won't break the bank (some are more inexpensive than others), and chances are most women will really appreciate them.  I find that some of the best gifts are things that we usually don't want to buy ourselves or little "extra" things.

Note that most of these aren't style specific:  I like to focus on the basics that most women will wear.  If not, there's always a gift receipt!

I went into detail about this silk pillowcase here.  If I had to pick one item from this list for a gift, it's this.  I bought it for my best friend for her birthday and she was psyched.  It's one of those things that we add to our carts, stare at, but don't want to buy for ourselves!

My picks:

Happy shopping!  Let me know if you're lusting after any of these picks.


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