23 October, 2017

An Evening At The (Cycle)Bar

October's almost over and November's sneaking up on us, which means it's usually about that time when I start feeling extra lazy and unmotivated.  Between the colder temperatures and the fact that it now gets dark at 6:00 PM, forcing myself to workout has been a struggle.

It's times like these where I have to force myself to not only "workout", but to find a workout that I really enjoy and look forward to.

I can't stress this enough...don't just "go to the gym" if that isn't your thing or if you feel off centered there.  Find something that makes you feel YOU, confident, and that you enjoy. 
cyclebar spinning 
I've been slacking on cardio lately too.  K, I promise this post isn't going to be a "I've been slacking at everything and I'm here to tell you about it", but if we're keeping it real, I haven't been 100% with my workouts and my cardio.
                                     Cyclebar spinning
I've been looking for a good class to get my cardio in, so when CycleBar reached out to tell me they were opening a new location in Houston, I was all ears.

A good spinning class once in a while gets me going.  I don't do it too often, but I crave an upbeat, fast-paced, good badass cycling class from time to time.

CycleBar opened a new studio in Sawyer Heights and (so kindly) invited a handful of fitness-passionate bloggers, influencers, and whoever (they are SO inclusive, really), out for their soft opening of the location.
                                     spinning shoes
The studio is so spacious, which I loved.  I'm so used to spinning studios being so cramped and stumbling into people constantly saying "excuse me" when I'm trying to put my dang shoes on before class.  They had so much space in the front and near the lockers so everyone could have some personal space.

Can't lie, the snack table was pretty enticing and I had a handful of strawberries, a banana, and some champagne before class.  It was mostly healthy, so...?!

The class was incredible.  Basically, I felt like I was at the club without actually having to be at the club.  Couldn't be more perfect for me.                                  best spinning class soulcycle cyclebar
The music was on-point, our instructor had the best energy, and the lights and vibe was the perfect club feel.  Anything that makes me feel like I'm out without actually having to be out, where I get to wear workout clothes, burn a ton of calories, and listen to good music is the perfect class in my book.

We sweat it out BIG time and toasted to CycleBar's new location afterward!  Hats off to a damn perfect event.
                                     Houston Fitness Bloggers                                 Houston fitness blogger Cori Scherer
Also, let me just say how awesome Houston's fitness community is.  I think so many times we encounter people who aren't the friendliest, are a little snobby, and just not positive to be around.  Everyone at the event (influencers, staff, literally everyone) was inclusive, kind, and eager to chat and meet new people.  I love that.

If you guys are looking for a great spin class or just want to check out their location, GO!  You won't regret it.

CycleBar also has tons of other locations across the US, so go check them out here (for anyone reading who's not in Houston)!

18 October, 2017

Getting Cozy For Fall

If you guys saw my Fall Nighttime Skincare routine post, you know the vibes for Fall are getting real over here.

Ok, maybe not really temperature-wise (we're patiently waiting for that), but at least in my bedroom, Fall is here.

Best fall candles bath and body works

I've started the routine of plugging in my oil diffuser (lavender essential oil has been my go-to for now), lighting up some Fall candles, and whipping out a good book or just vegging out and watching some football and YouTube videos.

We all get a little candle-happy in the Fall.  There's something about the comfort, warmth, and coziness, even if it's still an insane 90 degrees outside.

If I walk into my bedroom and it smells like pumpkin pie or a fresh leaves/sweatery smell, I'm immediately zen. Puts me in the best mood regardless of the day I've had.  Scent has that crazy power over us.  I'm a big believer in the power of smell...both good and bad.  It transports us back to such specific memories, times, and always has the biggest impact on me when it comes to the senses.

                                        best candles for fall

I stumbled upon Vellabox online and instantly had to try it.  They send a package (in such a cute box, matter of fact) directly to your door for $10 a month.  When I saw that I had a package at my doorstep and opened it up to 2 Fall scented candles, I was smitten.  Sign me UP.

If you subscribe to their website, they're running a promotion right now for $5 off (I just checked this), so your first month would only be $5!

Plus, how cute of a gift would this be?!  I think this would make the perfect birthday gift or holiday gift for a friend, significant other, yourself...anyone.

                                            fall candles Vellabox

Vellabox partners with different candle companies and includes hand-poured candles in every package.  Mine came with two candles from Burn Candle Company -- One was pumpkin scented and the other was s'more.  YAS!

I had both of these babies lit on my nightstand, and it was just that...lit.  I was all snuggled up in my silk nightgown (yes, I sleep in silk...you can make fun of me.  It's great for your skin and sleep - You should try it).

OH - They also threw in some mini crunchy popcorn bites.  I got so excited when I saw these.  They gave me an excuse to snack in bed with Fall candles.

If this isn't the perfect Sunday night in, I seriously don't know what is.

Do you guys have a favorite candle that you purchase every Fall?  Let me know which one so I can check it out!

I'll be burning these candles from Vellabox all throughout Fall and can't wait to see which scents I get next month.


17 October, 2017

Fall Nighttime Skincare Routine

There's something so dang relaxing and euphoric about lighting a candle, plugging in my oil diffuser, taking off my makeup and getting into my skincare routine.

how to get rid of stretch marks Bio Oil

I used to get made fun of all the time by my friends for having so many steps in my skincare routine.  It takes me a solid 5-10 minutes to go through my entire routine and get into bed, and trust me, I have zero shame in that.  Those 5-10 minutes are my me time and should have me moisturized and youthful for years to come.  So, come at me then!
                                      how to get clear glowy skin

I've gone from trying every product on the market that I saw in a magazine, on YouTube, in another skincare routine, etc. to finding a routine that finally works for me.  Literally, my bathroom cabinet looked like Walgreens for a while.  I'd hop from cleanser to cleanser, use way too many products, and would send my skin into oblivion.
                                     skincare routine glowing skin

I'm finally content with having a simplified routine.  Simple really is better, especially when it comes to our skincare.  Find what works for you, stick with it, and only change it up when necessary.

I pretty much stick to the basics (obviously with a few bells and whistles because I don't think I'll ever not be just a little extra with my skincare), but I also make sure not to neglect my body when doing my skincare routine.

Moisturizing from head to toe is key, and I've always been a fan of a good oil.

I've talked a lot about my travels from this past summer, but what I haven't yet mentioned is that my skin went completely crazy towards the beginning of my trip.  I was gallivanting through Israel in Greece in a bikini and had a crazy sun rash appear right as the trip started.

I know, the word "rash" gives me the goosebumps and sounds nasty, but it is what it is.  I'll always keep it real, and I'm sharing this because at the end of the day, it's a damn rash.  There are way bigger problems, but believe me when I saw this rash thew me for a loop when I thought I was going to be a smooth bronzed goddess for a month.
                                  Bio oil for stretch marks scars

I started using Bio Oil as soon as I returned home from vacation, and I religiously used it twice a day.  I had used it years ago for stretch marks, but I fell back in love when I needed it to do its work on my stomach.

The rash left some weird scarring, and Bio Oil did wonders for fading the marks and making my overall skin tone look more even.

I've been using it as much as I can around my thighs and booty for stretch marks too because hey, growing a booty comes with the marks.

I wish I could buy Bio Oil a drink because it's done so much for me.  Seriously - My confidence was whack when the rash popped up, and I wasn't loving running around in a bikini.

I'm so happy with the results I've gotten and recommend it to everyone I talk to.  Scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone...it has you covered.

I talk about a few ways I use Bio Oil and share my entire nighttime skincare routine in my YouTube video.  Go watch to see what products I've been loyal to (including my all-time favorite toner that's changed my pores).


Thank you to Bio Oil for sponsoring this post.  I love this brand so much,  I've been blabbing about it even before a collaboration!  


13 October, 2017

8 Tips To Lower College Debt

FRIDAY, you've arrived!

This week flew by so much so that I'm almost in shock it was Monday 4 days ago.  I've been nonstop writing, filming, and planning a super exciting challenge (stay tuned for more on that) and somehow an entire week flew by!  JEEZ.

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you saw that I announced that Fridays on my YouTube channel will now be "Finance Fridays".

Yeah, we're gonna be talking about money money MONAY...MONAY!  Because nobody does.

We've created some stigma that talking about money in any way shape or form is hush hush.  Don't ask questions about money, don't initiate a conversation about money, but start making some and figure it out.

...And that's exactly what we'll be doing on my channel.  Talking about money, sharing tips and tricks to save more, earn, reap benefits, and just be more financially healthy.

The first video in the series is all about 8 ways to lower college debt.  We all know college is expensive AF, and the burden of debt at all, but especially student debt, can be SO overbearing that it can take people a lifetime to pay off.  That's no fun.

I put together 8 tips for you, a brother/sister, friend, child, WHOEVER, to lower their college expenses.  Most of these can also be applied to lowering debt in general, but I made these specific to school.

I suggest watching the full video so you can hear my personal stories, more details, and how these tips impacted me while I was in school, BUT to give you a summarized list of what we're talking about, here ya go:

reduce college debt save money

You can hear more about these tips, listen to me blab about my personal experience, and get more details in my YouTube video!

Let me know if you have any specific requests or questions for Finance Friday content or just in general!  



12 October, 2017

Quarter Life Crisis + Finding Clarity

how to deal with quarter life crisis


women's joggers

LOL at this post title, right?

Let's start with this outfit because I'm in love with these joggers from Titika Active. They're slightly high-waisted and so comfortable.  They make the booty look good, and you can't beat a pair of paints that are perfect for brunch and can be worn if you make it to the gym.

The cropped hoodie (below) is super cute, and yes, it has thumbholes.  SO FALL.  I'm a sucker for any top with thumbholes in the fall, and this top was no exception.

So quarter life crisis: I think it's funny because at the end of the day, there's really no crisis.  Whatever the bullshit about a quarter life crisis is really just boils down to the pressure we put on ourselves, the extent to which we're comparing our path to others, and where we think we should be.


Seriously, I really hope that most of you can relate in some capacity to this post.  If you can't, I'll just feel worse about myself, it's cool.

But I'm confident that anyone in their twenties knows exactly what I'm talking about.  Yeah, our experience is all different, but if you haven't hit a point of "WTF am I doing with my life", you're either killing it, an alien, or not in tune with your emotions.

best women's joggers for fall

So what do I do when I'm feeling all down and like I can't figure out the next step?  Workout.  It might sound simple, but it works.  When we're too deep in our head and in negative thoughts, sometimes we just need a damn break and need to sweat it out.

I'm telling you - I'll find myself all caught up in my thoughts, doubting myself, questioning timing, and just letting it get me down.  Down to where I just want to take a bath, watch Sex & The City reruns on E, and eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's, maybe start over tomorrow.

When we start to feel like that, we have to force ourselves (as much as I know you won't want to in the moment) to just get the F up and move your body.  Go for a run, head to the gym, DO SOMETHING.  Do NOT just sit there and wallow for too long.

Give yourself a little time to wallow, that's fine.  Cry, be a brat for a little, but then dust that shit off your shoulders and get to business.

Just to share a little more in detail about what I've been dealing with, I've been hard on myself.  Like, really really hard.  I'd say the majority of my days are focused, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I 100% am confident that I'm on the right path.

adidas alphabounce

I absolutely love creating content on my blog and YouTube channel.  My only regret is that I didn't start earlier, because the hustle is real.

If you read my post about side hustlin', you know I'm always in approval of a good side hustle.  Especially in your twenties when we're trying to figure it all out, it never hurts to have more than one source of income and to be hustling your ass off.

I've been focused on creating content but also struggling to know what the next step, day, hour, or chapter has in store.  I've compared my path to others' and wondered why I'm not at a certain level, what I'm supposed to be doing, and how the hell I'm going to find time to make dinner in the mix.


But we all know that comparing ourselves gets us nowhere.  Nowhere except deeper in our own self deprecating thoughts, and what good is that?

So, if you've been having some of the same emotions I have (and believe me when I say they've been intense lately), YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  I REPEAT: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Our paths are all unique - You may see someone with a badass career killing it...applaud for them.  One woman's success is NOT the absence of your own, and your paths are not identical.  Our timing is all different, paths crossing different chapters at different times, and that's ok.

As long as we focus on being better than we were yesterday, staying productive, and feeding ourselves positive, uplifting thoughts, we gon' be alright (Kendrck Lamar voice).  But seriously.

There are always going to be days where you wonder wtf is going on and why certain things maybe going "nowhere" or more slowly than you'd like.  Hang in there.  Do everything you can to get to the next step and continue being productive.

Don't become idle when that frustration rises.  Just keep moving forward, ask yourself what it is you need to focus on, and do that.  Sometimes it might be shit you don't want to be doing, but if that's the best option for the time being, do it.

Weigh your options and be the boss you know you can be.


11 October, 2017

How To Be More Confident

how to have more self confience
Top: Brazil Wear / Leggings (Similar): Brazil Wear  / Shoes: Adidas

USE CODE 'CORISCHERER' FOR 15% OFF Brazil Wear items!  Y'all, I'm OBSESSED with the zipper details on this sports bra and leggings.  Plus, the leggings are super flattering for the booty, so you can't go wrong.

black workout leggings sports bra

I mean, can someone just create a tea or supplement that we can drink quickly if we wake up feeling like crap about ourselves?

Talking about how to have more confidence is kind of like talking about how you know when you love someone.  You can kind of describe it, but at the same time you really have no answer.  It kind of just is.

When it comes to being confident, believe me I am no pro.  BUT, I've definitely learned what makes me feel better about myself, how to shift my mindset when I start to feel in a bad place, and little things that can make a big difference.

There's no magical potion or quick fix for being confident.  You won't wake up tomorrow feeling like Beyonce, feeling confident and never worrying about feeling down again.  You're going to have those down days where you don't feel your best...we all do.

It's about changing your lifestyle, your thought habits, and small things in your actions and in your head.  SO many times we engage in self deprecating behavior and we don't even realize it, and especially in the world of social media, we do it more than we think.

I share a few of my personal tips for feeling more confident in this video.  Like I said, I'm no confidence expert, but I know what works for me and what works for others too.  Sometimes it helps to hear it spelled out.

Especially if you're PMS or having one of those days, weeks, months, years (hell, it can last for a looong time if we let it), give this a watch and try to make some of these small changes!

I'd love if you subscribed to my YouTube channel if you haven't already!  I'm loving video content right now and really enjoy filming, editing, and the entire process!

If you have a specific tip that helps you feel more confident and like a boss bitch, share it!

10 October, 2017

Everyday I'm (Side) Hustlin'

                                      how to make extra money while working full time
Pants: Forever 21 / Bodysuit: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Raybans

You know the average millionaire has 7 different sources of income?

side hustle ideas

snap tearaway pants

I think the first time I read that, I wasn't surprised, but I was so annoyed at myself for feeling like one magical thing was going to bring me "success".  And no, I'm by no means even close to a millionaire, but we have to dream big to win big, and so I'm dreamin'!  I know you all are too.

I kept sitting around wondering when the day would come that would put the perfect one job in my lap.  I know I probably didn't want this job, but I had a thought in my head that there would be some sort of a dream salary that would put me close to "wealth".

The more I've networked, talked to other like-minded entrepreneurs, and read, the more I've understood how crucial it is to diversify your income.  If you lost your primary source of income tomorrow, what would you do?

Would you panic (pretty normal), or would you feel safe knowing that you have a few other thing(s) set up that will give you at least some cushion?

You need that cushion.  We need some cushion financially and it doesn't hurt to have some in the glutes either.  Cushion everywhere!

The past year and a half I've been focused on ways to diversify income, even if it's not much.  By having multiple sources, you have cash coming in in different places, sometimes while you sleep.

I'm still the normal 20-something trying to figure it all out, so by NO means am I here telling you I'm a wealth expert who's going to tell you how to get rich tomorrow.

If you know the secret to that question, open up pandora's box and let us all know.  We've been waiting, come on now.

For now,  chances are I'm in the exact same boat as you wanting to simply do better for myself, make some more money, and live a life I'm proud of.

In this video, I go over a few side hustle endeavors that I've tried myself.  All of them have the potential to make pretty decent money.  Some you may have heard of, and some you might have no clue.

We live in a world now where there are sometimes so many opportunities that it becomes overwhelming and we don't even know where to start.  I get pretty overwhelmed when I have 8 million ideas in my head (and this is more often than not), so focusing on these 5 ideas is a good place to start!

Let me know if you've tried any of these and if you have any other suggestions!

Happy hustlin'!

09 October, 2017

How I Traveled To Greece For Free

how to get free flights travel miles

Yeah, you read that right.

No, there's no catch here.  I didn't have to do something unspoken to get some free flights to Greece or anything.  I just finessed the system, because you guys know I'm always looking for a way to get some travel points, cash, or free flights.

If you read my post from earlier this summer here talking about my trip to Greece, you know how incredible it was.  Hell, if you've ever seen a picture of Santorini or Mykonos, you already know how amazing it is.

I did lots of research and planning, trial and error, and worked my way to get free flights to Greece.

Seriously, what's better than taking an amazing trip?  A free amazing trip.

Of course you'll want to be smart and save up a bit before traveling so you can enjoy yourself, but in this video I'm focusing on telling you all about how I finessed my way into some free flights to Greece.

You can apply these to any trip you're wanting to take, national, international, wherever.

Check out this video if you're wanting to know how to earn free flights (and if you don't, who are you?!).

Let me know any other tips you guys might have in a comment -- I need to check them all out!  No such thing as too many free flights.


07 October, 2017

Game Changing Blazer

black lace bralette styled
Blazer: Forever 21 / Bralette: Gooseberry Intimates / Jeans: Topshop / Heels: Steve Madden

black blazer women styled

how to style black blazer black bralette
With my girl, Chrystal from @lovechrys

It's been a while since I've done a 100% fashion-focused post.

Not because I don't like clothes, I probably like them too much, but I've wanted my content to bring something valuable to the table.

And sure, fashion tips are valuable and I love getting them once in a while, but I've wanted this blog to have some more substance. And to be honest, I'm pretty basic when it comes to fashion.  I love my neutrals, denim, and a good pair of heels.

Also equally happy in a great pair of sweats (they still count as great if they're my high school volleyball sweatpants from 2010) and a hoodie.

I wore this blazer with one of my favorite pairs of denim to the first night of FashionXHouston in the River Oaks district.

If you guys haven't heard of FashionXHouston or are unfamiliar, check out their website!  They feature local boutiques, their designers, and their upcoming collections on the runway.  They donate proceeds to a local foundation, and this year's donations went to helping the city of Houston rebuild after the mess dang ol' Harvey left behind.

Not going to lie, I was the most excited for the fried mac n' cheese balls and a few glasses of wine.  OK, and a few cocktails outside too.  They were free, you probably would've done the same.

I love this blazer because it's simple.  Black with a single clasp, but the sleeves have just enough fun in them to make me feel like I bought a super fashionable piece.

Plus, it comes in red, which would look BOMB for a holiday party.  I might have added it to my cart already.

I'd dress this up with a skirt and turtleneck or solid tank, but for the show I wore it with my favorite lace bralette from Gooseberry Intimates.

I paired it with my favorite Topshop jeans (high-waisted, of course) and a simple pair of Steve Madden heels.

And voila, rockin' a Forever 21 to a fashion show in River Oaks.  Because we're ballin' on a budget, and the blazer still made a statement!



06 October, 2017

Financial Hacks | How To Save Money in Your 20s and Beyond

Happy Friday!  I've been thinking of starting a segment called "Finance Fridays" where I'll be doing some sort of blog post, video, or quick tips on Instagram to share some financial advice and hopefully spark some awesome conversations.  Because we could all probably learn to manage our money a little better, right?
best credit cards to travel and save money

For whatever reason, I've always had an interest in credit cards, finance topics, and little ways to cut corners and save money.  I mean, the interest in credit cards definitely also applies to the desire to spend, but we need some cash money to stay swiping the plastic.

I think it's been more of a knack for wanting to finesse the system and find ways to save, earn rewards, and seriously reap the benefits.

With some trial and error, lots of research, and hundreds of conversations, I've found a few things that work for me personally and that I'm always sharing with my friends.

I've literally had about 7 friends sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred because I did some good convincing.  And their only regret was not signing up sooner...same.

If you guys want to hear my 5 tips for saving money and earning some rewards, here's the YouTube video I uploaded sharing all of them!

What's your number one tip for saving money?  Let me know!

20 September, 2017

Staying Comfortable During A Workout

For me, getting to the gym or to my workout is the hardest part.  I have to mentally prepare myself, get ready to sweat and work hard, choose an outfit, dedicate the time, and then put the work in.

adidas leggings women
Top & Leggings: Adidas / Shoes: UltraboostX

Adidas Crop and leggings women

Adidas Clothing Women

I've worn so many different brands and pieces, and I've had workouts where my clothing has been so comfortable I never thought about it, and I've had the complete opposite where all I focused on were how my leggings were showing every drop of sweat, or they were drooping down my waist, or maybe my pants had a hole in them (true story, this happened one time).

If you're going to make the effort to workout, you at least owe it to yourself to be comfortable!

Being comfortable and feeling good when I workout is so important to me, so I was very excited when Tommy John included me in their graphic.  Check out this fun graphic below for my quote as well as quotes from a few other fitness enthusiasts! 

Tommy John Underwear

I like for my workout clothing to be pretty form-fitting -- It ensures that I won't be fussing with a baggy shirt while I'm moving around, and I can't stand baggy tops during a workout.  I like to feel at least semi-put together during my workout, so I usually opt for a pair of high-waisted leggings and a cute crop top/sports bra.

If you haven't checked out Tommy John's cotton briefs, click here to check em out.  Yeah, it's only September, but holidays roll around before we know it, and we're all probably secretly counting down the days until December.

They'd make an awesome birthday, Christmas, or (hint-hint...you need new underwear) gift.

Let me know if you all have any tips for staying comfortable when you workout.  What do you usually wear?!


18 September, 2017

Adidas Try On / UltraboostX

Happy Monday!

Adidas high waisted leggings
Top: Adidas / Leggings: Adidas / Shoes: UltraboostX

Seriously, what's Monday motivation without some new workout gear?  There's something so exciting about having a new piece to wear to the park, the gym, your yoga class, whatever you do.  I love incorporating a new outfit or shoe into my fitness wardrobe!

I'm always preaching that when we look good, we feel good, and vice versa.  I'm not a fan of wearing makeup to workout (to each their own), but I do notice that when I put a little effort in to getting myself ready for a workout, I'm inclined to perform better.

adidas ultraboostx shoes

Adidas womens workout clothes

adidas women high waisted leggings ultraboost

Same thing with work productivity -- If I want to get sh*t done, I'll put some effort into my appearance.  I tend to feel a little more motivated when I'm semi "ready" rather than in my robe, hair in a bun, and my glasses on (...I'm like that right now).

This look from Adidas is one of my favorites right now.  My go-to is a pair of high-waisted leggings, a crop top/sports bra, and a comfortable shoe.

I love how versatile and supportive this top is.  If you're smaller chested like myself, this is great for you, but this would be great for fuller chests as well, since it does have pads and some support.

These leggings though...YES!  I love the waist band and the small details down the leg.  I could never have enough pairs of perfect black leggings.

K and let's just talk about these shoes.  The UltraboostX is popular for a reason.  They're SO comfortable, functional, and this color is amazing.

Y'all know I'm a neutral girl, but I couldn't pass up these UltraboostX in pink.

Check out my try-on haul on YouTube for more Adidas Women looks.  Please 'subscribe' and give the video a thumbs up if you like this style and want to see some more videos like this!

Huge thank you to Adidas for sending me these items!

17 September, 2017

Fenty Beauty

Oh man.  You all probably already know that Rihanna has launched her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, and let me tell you...it is nothing short of amazing.  Not that we'd expect anything less from Ri, but she came through!

I knew I had to get my hands on a couple products from the line.  As much as I wanted to blow all my money on the entire line and try everything, I'm ballin' on a budget right now, so I had to be selective with what I purchased at Sephora.

I went with the Fenty Beauty Profilt'r Foundation in the shade 210, the Glossbomb, and the Killawatt duo in Ginger Binge.  I love everything.

Plus, Rihanna killed her shade range with a whopping 40 shades.  If you're familiar at all with the cosmetics industry, you know that (unfortunately), it's not often that a company goes all out with their shade range and truly takes the time to put out a variety of undertones in fair, light, medium, tan, dark, deep..everything.  Fenty Beauty did such an awesome job with their shades and provided a match for women of different nationalities and ethnicities.  YAS, Rihanna!

Take a look at my full makeup tutorial showing the products I got from Fenty Beauty along with a few other of my current favorites.  I l-o-v-e how pigmented the Killawatt duo is on the eyes, and it really makes my green eyes pop!

Have you all tried anything from the line?  If you have, what are your favorites?!

09 September, 2017

Healthy Grocery Haul

Happy Saturday!

Some of you guys are probably getting your weekend errands done this weekend, which most likely includes a trip to the grocery store.

I don't know why - Sometimes I love going grocery shopping, and sometimes I can't stand having to make the trip to the store.  Depends on the day...Either way, it's a must for staying in shape, eating right, and saving some money.

I love shopping at Trader Joe's.  Their prices are right, produce is fresh, and the entire shopping experience makes grocery shopping a little more enjoyable.  I swear, their employees are the kindest I've met.  One guy even opened a chocolate bar (cookie butter, to be specific) at the register while I was checking out and split it with me.  True story.

I uploaded my healthy grocery haul to YouTube and hope it helps anyone who might be wondering what to buy at the grocery store, what a few of my staples are, and a few ideas of items to keep on hand.

I'm planning on doing much more content centered around my meals, food, and how I like to eat to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  And trust me, I love to eat.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


06 September, 2017


What's up, everyone?!

Apologies for being a little MIA the past week and a half or so.  It's been one hell of a week here in Houston, and blogging and filming wasn't a priority when the entire city was in chaos.  I wasn't sure what day of the week it was the entire week, but I'm glad that the storm is over.

The entire city truly came together and supported one another.  Seeing people from both near and far drive down to help complete strangers was beyond moving and showed me that there are so many amazing people out there.

I'm still on the YouTube grind and filmed a "get ready with me" video talking about all types of things - From the Fenty Beauty launch, to eyebrow threading, to the Houston Rockets being sold, and whatever came to mind!

I also linked a few ways to help donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief for anyone who might not know where to start but wants to help.  Everything is linked in the description box of the video below.

Let me know what you all think of this style of video and I'll keep filming!




18 August, 2017

Current Favorites

Yes, I'm a hoarder when it comes to my beauty products.  I think it's safe to say I save any shade of blush for a rainy day and find every excuse in the book to not throw out a lipstick that I might've purchased back in high school.

OK, so that's a little gross and probably just a slight exaggeration of how long I keep my products, but I like to have options.

I've tried my best (and succeeded with much of it, if I do say so), to declutter my space, and that meant getting rid of tons of makeup, clothes, shoes, and things that were taking up space and providing zero use.

I've narrowed down my products to the things I use consistently and love (and I can't lie, I still have options, but not nearly AS MANY options).

I've rounded up a few of my current favorite things in the beauty, fitness, and random tech world.  These are the things I've been using consistently for the past few months and have to share with everyone!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already!  I'm vamping up content and think that video is more compelling -- It's fun, interactive, and I get to just be myself and talk which is always fun.  Not that I don't love to write, I do, but I think we enjoy watching and listening to something online!

My blog will always have a big piece of my heart though -- It's the OG!  Holdin' it down.

Anywho, let me know if you have tried any of these things and love them as much as I do or if you plan to check any of them out!

You can shop everything I mentioned in the description box of the video, or I've linked them all here as well!


14 August, 2017

Clear Skin With AcneFree

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and AcneFree.  All opinions are mine alone.  #AcneFreeSummer #AcneFreeLife #CollectiveBias

Ah, acne!  How I despise you so.  Chances are we all had a little run-in or two with some not so friendly visitors on our face at some point this summer.

Summer is very sadly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that having clear skin has to!  Just like a healthy workout routine should be year-round, so should your skincare!  I'm always taking care of my skin with the right products and change them up just slightly throughout the seasons.

If you've been following my posts, you aren't new to my handful of photos from Greece and Israel.  I traveled for just over two weeks and basked in the Mediterranean sun makeup-free for days.

Yes, I wore sunscreen.  Don't come at me!

It might sound silly, but before leaving for my trip I was worried about my skin.  I knew I wasn't going to wear much makeup, and definitely wasn't going to be wearing foundation, so I did everything in my power to keep my skin clear and acne-free.

AcneFree Sensitive Skin Cleanser

I know how important clear skin when it comes to our confidence.  In high school, I broke out like crazy my junior year and couldn't figure out how to tame it.  I was trying every product on the market (mistake number one), and I was so impatient and frustrated when it came to finding the right products.

Hover over this image to shop these products!

With back to school season around the corner (or already happening for some of you), I knew it would be a great time to talk all things clear skin, confidence, and to talk about some products that give my skin the TLC it needs.

I've been using the AcneFree Sensitive Skin 24 Hour Acne Clearing System + Spot Treatment to keep my breakouts at bay, and I am seriously impressed.


09 August, 2017

Glute and Hamstring Workout

Hi again everyone!

I've been working on getting myself back into a consistent workout routine and am doing my best to share and inspire others with some fitness content!

Here's a workout for all of us who are wanting to lean and tone our glutes and hamstrings.  My hamstrings are such a soft spot for me, and it takes some serious work to get them in shape.

Give this workout a try next time you're at the gym and let me know what you think!

I threw in a ton of supersets which will keep your muscles working and your heart rate up. 

As always, you can modify any of these if something is uncomfortable!  Just work on targeting those same muscles throughout the entire workout for the best results!



02 August, 2017

Top 5 Fitness Tips

Now that I'm thinking about it, this video might've been helpful before summer started, but I'm all for year-round balance.  Screw the summer bod.

I'm always asked specific questions like "How do I get abs?" "How do I get a butt?" etc.  Instead of answering these specifically to start, I uploaded a video talking about my top 5 fitness tips to get in better shape.  Where better is relative to your level of fitness!

Whether you're a beginner in health/fitness or just looking for some new thoughts, this should help.

Take a look at my top 5 tips below, and watch the video for workout clips and more details!

Incorporate HIIT -Add high intensity interval training into your "routine".  Spike your heart rate and bring it back down to maximize fat and caloric burning.  And who doesn't love to get cardio done as quickly as possible?

Lift weights - No, you won't get bulky.  Trash that mindset, please!  

Adding light weights to your routine will keep you burning calories through the day, speed up your metabolism, and give you a nice look.  You don't have to do anything extreme or heavy, just add some into the mix.  Don't fear the weight rack!

Be consistent - Like anything in life, good things come with consistency.  Don't think that you have to workout every single day for three weeks -- Just come up with a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle, and then stick with it.  

If that's 3 days a week, keep up your 3 days a week.  Figure out something that works for you and make it a lifestyle, not a quick chapter.

Keep it simple - Don't try to copy all the girls on Instagram with five resistance bands and crazy workouts.  Especially if you're new to your fitness journey, keep your workouts simple.  

It's amazing how much you can get done with just your body.  Try jumprope, walking/running outside or on the treadmill, the stairs, basic pushups, and more.  

Don't have a workout routine - Yeah, this might sound weird, but don't have a "routine".  A routine for days to workout is OK, but again, I think being flexible and working with your schedule works too if you can swing it.  

When you have a routine (ex: thinking you have to do the treadmill or elliptical every time you go to the gym), you're setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment.  Plus, it's good to switch it up. 

If you set yourself up for a specific machine or workout, don't be mad when those machines are taken.  Just get active, be flexible, and go with the flow if you're at the gym.  And switch it up!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content like this, and let me know what else you'd like to see!



01 August, 2017

Healthcare 101

Oh, healthcare.  How you continue to piss me off.

If you've been following me on Instagram and watching my stories, you've probably seen a few healthcare rants, tips, and a tantrum or two.

If you're familiar at all with the healthcare system, you probably know how damn frustrating it can be sometimes.  For me, that sometimes is about 95% of the time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fortunate that I'm able to have benefits and that I'm a healthy young woman.  But the cost for healthcare boils my blood at times.

I uploaded a video talking about all things healthcare, different plans I've been a part of, benefits I've had and have not had, fees I've paid, and my top tip to save you money when it comes to paying for prescriptions.

Top takeaways from this video:

Know your options - Make sure you find a plan that is right for you
Utilize discounts - I can't recommend GoodRX enough.  Always check their website for prescription discounts before paying full price!
Work with an agent/broker - If you don't have corporate benefits from a job, you might want to work with a healthcare agent to help you better understand and sort through the handfuls of plans that are out there.

Check it out, and let me know any stories or advice you may have!

If you're looking for a healthcare advisor/broker, feel free to reach out to check out my agent from US Health here, or email julie.flasar@ushadvisors.com.


31 July, 2017

Top Shelf Talks: The Series

You know when you talk about an idea with your best friend for ever and ever, but that idea stays an idea because you never force yourself to act on it?

My friend Cayley and I have been talking about the idea of creating a podcast, or something like it, for almost a year now.  We'd go on walks, drink wine, eat sushi, and get our nails done and talk about all of the things we could talk about and inspire conversation with, but we never took the initiative to do.

Finally we told ourselves to get our sh*t together and made a move.  After a few glasses of wine and a walk down the aisle of HEB, we came up with the title "Top Shelf Talks", you know, named after the top shelf of the reds.  Occasionally whites too if it's a Sauvignon blanc.

Our first episode talks about all things online dating, relationships, and just meeting people online.  Cayley and I actually met on LinkedIn (lol, I know), but can you fault us for being professional?  I didn't think so.

We split the first episode into two parts, so you can catch part one on Cayley's YouTube channel, and part two is on mine.

Watch below and be sure to subscribe for all of our new content.

As usual, let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see or hear about!  Wine is always welcome!


28 July, 2017

Limo Scene

What's up, everyone?!

Have y'all come to terms with the fact that it's almost August?  Because I haven't.  

Between my summer traveling, trying to get my YouTube kickin', trying to stay in shape, get my life together, and have a social life, I've kept pretty busy.

I've had a handful of fun nights out in downtown Houston with friends, and I'm so over the metered parking, crazy valet, and simply having to worry about my car.  Why drive when someone else can?!

Houston Party Bus Service reached out to me and wanted to share a post on their favorite Houston hotspots.  

Limo Service Houston

They shared some of their top picks for restaurants and attractions, and they included a link to their website!  Make sure to check them out if you're looking for a party bus, limo, or any fancy pants transportation.  

I need a girls weekend, bachelorette party (someone needs to get engaged first), or reunion of some sort so I have an excuse to ride around H-town in one of these!

Check out their favorite Houston spots and let me know where your next big outing is.

Elevate your Houston Travel Experience

Houston is a city that has opportunity for fun at every turn, and this is why it's a popular place to visit. Whether you're a tourist or simply a resident of Texas looking to get to know the area better, there are a few ways to do so. Anybody who is in a new spot wants to know where all of the best gems are for sightseeing and experiencing fun! There's a little something for everybody here to enjoy, whether you're looking to dine in luxury or hit the bar scene to dance the night away.

Cocktails and dinner
One of the best ways to enjoy Houston is to check out the bars and restaurants that make up the dining scene. You'll be able to enjoy happy hours and fantastic atmospheres at the businesses found in the city. You can't go wrong checking out the restaurants in the River Oaks District, Steak 48 is a popular selection specifically.  Coltivare Pizza & Garden has a cozy, comfortable vibe and wood-fired pizzas to enjoy. For a more upbeat bar experience, be sure to check out Grand Prize and Anvil Bar & Refuge!

Must-see destinations
Heading over to the Museum District puts you right in the backyard of the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most notable places for tourists and residents to visit. If you've already been here, it's still an awesome idea to see what films they're showing for the night. Tickets are under $10! If the weather is agreeable, time spent adventuring and people watching at Discovery Green is a worthwhile and calming experience. For those in the mood for some shopping, the bustling Galleria in Houston has nearly 400 stores and services to choose from.

Getting around in style

The best way to sight-see in Houston is to reserve professional transportation! When you have a limousine or party bus along for the ride, you aren't limited to one or two destinations. You'll get to make up a custom itinerary for all of the places you'd like to experience, whether they are museums, shopping centers, or bars and restaurants. There will be no worries about who will be the designated driver or dealing with directions and traffic with a party bus along for the ride. When you consider the amenities located inside of Limo Buses in Houston, it's even easier to commit to this transportation for experiencing the city to the fullest.
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