25 May, 2017

Fitness Wear & Frolicking

Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

lululemon align pant
Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret / Leggings: Lululemon

I can't pass up a solid pair of high-waisted workout leggings and a cute sports bra.

Fitness Model

Houston Fitness Model

lululemon black leggings

high waisted workout pants

best high waisted workout pants

Both have been my go-to for the past year throughout my fitness journey, and it's not hard to figure out why.  High-waisted leggings help suck in any gut you might have from pizza, beer, or that time of the month, and cute sports bras are just easy.

Plus, high-waisted pants seem to give the booty an extra boost.  Having the band above your butt and along your waist makes your legs look longer, waist look smaller, and booty look bigger.  Who's complaining?

Some of my favorite places to shop for leggings are Lululemon, Nike, and Target.  My go-to for sports bras are Victoria's Secret, Nike, Adidas, and Forever 21.

If you watch any of my workout videos on Instagram, I'm wearing the Lululemon Align Pant 99% of the time.  They're opaque, thick enough to keep the goods in place, but are so lightweight that you feel naked.  Literally.  There are no seams, so it doesn't pinch and poke in any awkward spots.

I do need to add some crop tops into my workout wardrobe.  What are your favorite spots to pick some up?

Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy a last few workouts outdoors before Texas becomes unbearable.

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