22 May, 2017

Me Time

Fitness Model

Houston Fitness Model

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Photos taken by @coreighterry

I think it's safe to say we all go through periods of extreme highs and lows in life.  We have chapters, or pages sometimes, when we feel like we have our sh*t completely together, everything's going in the right direction, and then something comes to dramatically shift the course.

I'm going through what I like to call a transitional chapter right now.  My seemingly put together course was abruptly changed, but I'm along for the ride.  I'll never write or share anything to spread negativity, so rather than wallowing in a rough period, enjoy it.  Understand that these times happen for a purpose and are bringing you to where you are supposed to be.

Live in the uncertain and unexpected moments.  Cherish the unknown and bathe in the confusing present of getting to know a different side of yourself.  It's actually exciting.

Don't forget to always make time for yourself.  Whether you're busy with work, family, or life in general, remember to treat yo'self regularly.  Give yourself the time and space you need, reflect, and keep on pushin'.

If you're going through a rough time in any facet of life right now, you got this.  Seriously - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Remind yourself that pain is temporary, you are a boss, and you can handle anything in your path.


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